Heart And Soul

I am a lunatic and I have been pouring out my heart and soul in this place. One for the most important reason please save your kids. I don't want people to grow up to be like me in any shape form or fashion. If asked I will tell plain and simple it is my life my pain and yes it is not a pleasent story. But if it helps what not to do to your kids if it makes you get them to talk about everything and not hide themselves away all the better. But I will say I don't like liers myself. So again ask me my name and I will tell you simple
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2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

I am not asking you for your name. I am just saying I have understanding in the pain of my life. I would point out what people should understand for them selves and maybe stop doping the things to make crazy people like me but who know. I am not here to take something but to give nothing more.

I was under the impression anonymity was the whole point. I'm under my own name on facebook, I come here to talk about stuff I don't like to say to my real life friends and family. I'm not lying to anyone, because they know it's an anonymous site.