Who Has Sex With Who?

My wife and I were out at a book store last night, and we overheard a teen girl was having a conversation on her cell phone as she wandered the store. It was very annoying. Not because she was talking loudly, or because of the topic she was discussing, but because she was talking loudly about sex and she was moving around the store so no one could get more then that part of the story. From what I heard, she was talking to someone about the two of them having sex and how everyone knew. My wife, in a separate part of the store, heard her say that just because everyone was saying something didn't mean it was true. So maybe they had sex but didn't want anyone to know and it got out, or they didn't have sex but everyone was saying they did, or maybe they did or didn't but everyone thinks they did and a midget or donkey (or both) were there.

It is bad enough that she was talking about it all in public, but the worst part is that I didn't get the whole story. If she was going to force me to hear the conversation, the least she could do it let me in on the entire conversation.
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1 Response Apr 4, 2007

I agree! its terrible to build such intrigue and not conclude salacious story.