It's Highly Destructive

So often the opposite to actual correctness.  Political Correctness is highly destructive to our freedom, within society.  Freedom to speak, and act on behalf of what we believe to be right.

Political correctness... in reality, is very wrong.

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:-) Thanks all.<br />
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grits4ever... so often that seems to happen, not just in specific relation to Obama... but in varying circumstances throughout society at large.<br />
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Warriormum... ignorance in itself (within society) is such a highly complex issue, with so many angles and opinions to see it's remains a labirynth, to me. <br />
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Although there is a vast difference between intelligence, naivety, and ignorance, they are all able to create conflict simply because of the degree of difference between us all.<br />
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I understand the idea of restricting conflict, through the use of political correctness.... but the conflict that's so often restricted - is debate (which is not only healthy, but so important, essential even, for growth).

I agree 1000%

I agree with what your saying. I will add to beaware of ignorence tho.

no better example than any one who disagrees with Obama on anything is now called a racist.

You are correct ... i agree.