Its Petty But Whatever...

Its acceptable I think only on cellphones because when you sms you're usually rushing around or something and the keypad is tiny and irritating to use so make it quick as possible. That's fine and why they call it text speak anyway because an sms is a text message.


But on e-mails or in blogs or anything of that sort... nah. There proper grammar should be used. If I see garbled speech on the screen I will get the idea but that isn't what language is only about. With language you can make people feel things, you can get difficult concepts into people's minds but you can't with really bad txt-speech. Its sloppy and gross.

Sabi87 Sabi87
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

i skip stories with txt spk. if i wanted to read three letter acronyms, i'd visit a government website.