He Is Not An Excellent Typist

Ha. I was reading a story a friend wrote, saying that he was a certain kind of person and came in this individual, all high and mighty, saying that my friend could NOT be that (supposedly something high and mighty itself) because he, my friend, could not spell the word EXPERIENCE.

Rolling eyes, I've been taught, is not a nice thing to do but whatever, right. So my friend can not spell. More likely he was typing too fast. I do know first hand that he's a smart person. It's not like he was writing under the group of I Am an Excellent Typist.

Some people simply don't have a good grasp on writing, some people suffer from dyslexia, some people type too fast and not have the complex of must have everything written right, the way I do.

Some of us do not master the art of writing prose, some of us do not master the complexity of the universe, some of us can not deal with numbers at all. And evidently some of us like to point out other people's small errors to feel good about oneself.

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haha :(

Great minds are sometimes the world's worst speller - Jeff Foxworthy, host of <i>Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader</i> LOL.<br />
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This friend of mine, he and I fired off PMs back and forth because sometimes I went, Huh? What? But it's only a matter of too quick typing on his part. And like I said, there are people who can't care less.<br />
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I don't normally correct my student either, unless we're doing writing exercise and the misspelled words are something we already discussed. I'm not going to comment on yours, Achi.. I'm going to write a whole new story about it!!! jk.

I really don't like it when people point out my spelling mistakes (unless it's totally non understandable lol).. *I know sometimes I make mistakes please don't comment on that though.* :P

What does it matter that a friend types crazily as long as he or she loves us, right? Thanks for dropping by, Vrai!

I agree totally June1999!

Thats right ! etc...............................................!

Yeah, you do. And who cares, right? :)

Lol I type way tooooooooooo fastttttttttttt!!!!

Ah, so that's why you do a lot of updating :)<br />
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Happy weekend to you to AP, don't work too much!

Heehee. My friend did not lack education, he was just being his hurrying self but all in all, you said it.<br />
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I used to look down at people who spell badly myself and now I stand corrected.

I feel the exact same way you do, June!! A lack of education doen't necessarily mean a lack of intelligence or that the ideas of that person are any less valid!!<br />
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Penny Webb ;-)