Like, a little kiss, holding hands, etc. I don't mind. It's when they really start going at it that bothers me. 

kleisse kleisse
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What I get annoyed by is also being the "third wheel" if you will while hanging out with a couple. I don't mind being single, I really don't, and I embrace it most times actually. But I still feel awkward when I'm hanging out with a couple and they get waaaaay affectionate with each other, like they're trying to really rub it in that they're going to go have sex later or something. I think it's rude!

Well, I was talking about sex. I guess I should have said more than "going at it." I also don't like to watch people get felt up or watch people suck on things.

I'd be mortified if a stranger took my picture... Then again, I wouldn't be out in broad daylight where everyone could see me...

i do tell them to get a room. i've even asked one couple if they wanted me to use my camera to video tape it so that they wouldn't have to go out in public again. they could just look at the video and the reactions of the people passing by over and over again.<br />
<br />
they said a few mean things but got up and went someplace else.<br />
<br />
teenagers are the worse. I go up to them and ask them their names and phone numbers so that I can call their parents to let them know what they are doing. I've even taken pictures and told them I needed their address so that I could send pictures to their parents.

I have to agree with you kleisse ... all the way.

You should yell at them to get a room.

Yeah I've seen people in parking lots, woods, at the lake... Just... go somewhere else. I'm sure some people get off (ha) on others watching them but that doesn't mean we like to watch!

I don't like to watch people having sex.