Oh Crap! Another Staff Meeting

Okay, so it could be me or anyone who has a tight deadline and suddenly you see yet another email pop up announcing a staff meeting. So, I stare at my computer screen with a myriad of nasty thoughts just fighting to exit my mouth. Oh, great! The meeting is scheduled the very day I need to complete my assignment. No doubt, it's an insidious plot to drive me insane. "What's the freakin' point," I have asked myself each time for at least the last thousand meetings or so. Okay, you stress productivity, but you tie me up in endless meetings about what again?

Each time, I see the same droopy eye colleagues in a desperate attempt not to fall face down on the conference table, while others doodle artistic masterpieces on their notepads. Coffee is abundant, but isn't working. Hello? Somebody get me out of here. All of this while someone drones on and on about something I've heard only half of unless it impacts my work. Excuse me, but could you put it in a manifesto and send it via email and maybe I'll get around to it the second Tuesday of next week?

Oh, no...we've run out of time? Suddenly, I'm alert. Crap, but we'll revisit this issue next week at ANOTHER meeting! I can't bear the thought, as a desperate crowd rushes the conference room door. For these matters, the Scarlet O'hara line comes in handy, "After all, tomorrow is another day."
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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Remember it well.

I've never been to a staff meeting in my life, are they really that bad?
If your companies spend so much time with meetings why don't they make them smaller and more productive? It would seem management would see this and respond.
I've heard and read things about staff meetings and it seems there are solutions for boredom and lack of creativity but I guess not all companies or divisions are using these practices.
Been to a bunch of safety meetings, usually a half hour, once a month or so. They were a break from the routine. Usually a good time ribbing each other, there was some discussion of goals and projects but everybody participated and it wasn't boring at all.
Also were required to have tailgate safety meetings out in the patch, more of a meet and greet and discuss the project.

I guess every career has it's moments, oh well look on the bright side. Your reasonably warm and comfortable, it will end, and when it's over your good till the next one :).

I'm not being much help am I? Oh well maybe this will help... Next staff meeting, think of this guy out on the prairie working on a piece of equipment or working cows in -20C temperature with a stiff breeze and a little snow or +40C with no wind and a bunch of bugs thinking "man what I wouldn't give to be in a staff meeting right now" :). Like every career there are moments when it's pure paradise and moments when it can be hell.
It's a different perspective, you'll make it through :) then your day can go on.

Another thing, you are important, if you weren't you wouldn't be called into the staff meeting in the first place...right?

Yep, staff meeting are almost worse than staff infections! My job was all about hitting numbers and goals both when i was a little peon and when I was a slightly bigger peon whom had the title of Supervisor(of peons). The same crew that you mentioned was there every week and there was also at least one person who insisted on asking the same old questions week after week that were either inappropriate for that venue, or just plain freakin stupid. Hey, if my numbers are off, not only is my bonus low(if any) but I have to hear about it for a month and it also affects my yearly review and raise - What a GD waste of time

Willoughby, Willoughby, next stop Willoughby!

I thought that you might get that - LOVE IT!