Stingy Work Mate

I have a few work mates with whom I have been regularly going out after work and I find it really cool to do that, since we get to bond without always talking about work. We go out to a pub and basically we don't have a set routine about getting the check, sometimes I offer a round, other times someone else. Well, there is one workmate who is always happy to get a free drink but never offers to pay himself. The other day I was approached at work by another guy who is regularly part of our circle and told me that he noticed this behavior in our mutual work mate. I was so relieved to hear it because it isn't really that much about the money. Both of us have gone solo with this stingy co-worker for a drink and we both found that after a number of times, that he just feels no inclination to cough up for the drinks. The other night when we went out, we both decided we would wait for his reaction but to no avail, then we respectively took out of our wallets just enough money to pay our own drinks and surprise, surprise, our buddy did the same. For a brief moment I almost felt he was waiting for one of us to pay again. It really ****** me off and I am not sure I want to be around such a person. My thinking is that people who are stingy will most likely also ditch you in any sticky situation and thus are not really good friends to have. I understand when people don't have much to their name or are stuck in debt but this guy lives with his parents and doesn't even drive, I know for a fact that he has more money to his name than me.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

i dislike those who don't open their wallet ignoring their turn for treat. most of them are always calculating to save their own money. i pissed off thinking one person who is exactly stingy.