With all the negative reviews here about her live music, Taylor Swift should do an acapella session live. No music, no backups, no auto tune. True singers whether we care for their styles or not can sing even when they sing acapella. She should sing acapella.
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Why does she need to sing acappella to prove she can sing? Surely just singing live is proof enough? I'm confused ...

Some lip sync live. But if there's no music and no computer technology, nothing can masquerade her voice. So everyone who says she can't sing can then hear her and can either be proven right or wrong. I don't care for her music because I do not support her only coming up with hits conveniently after she gets dumped which makes for a bad reputation for her and it outshines anything else she has in my eyes. I just think that of all the bad reps she has, she can confirm or deny the rumors that state she can't sing live and that her music is just record production magic by singing acapella and not pre-recording it and lip-syncing either.

When someone is singing live, they aren't lip syncing. If a performer is lip syncing, then it isn't live ... I don't care for her. But she isn't the only song writer who use their life experiences for inspiration. And there is nothing wrong with it at all. The greatest songs are those written from the heart ...

i agree with you but she has made a habit of doing it when she gets dumped and i have seen quite a few girls think it is okay to treat males like trash and cite taylor swift's fame as to why it's okay. That is not a good role model. As for lip syncing live, it is live to me if it is happening at all while performer is alive not dead. Doing something live doesn't mean there has to be a bunch of witnesses. It just means you are doing it at all, even if God and you are your only witnesses. If I sing in my head, I am not singing live. If I sing out loud then I am singing live.

Yeah, exactly, if you are actually singing it's live. If you are pretending to sing, be it in front of an audience or whatever, you are not singing live.

I agree. I just continue to say it's live cause it's a show and people are there and expect to get real singing not mouthing.

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