I Am Old

I am old
And nobody wants old
Even I do not want old
Carissimi Carissimi
56-60, F
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Old is gold.

Hahaha...brilliant, Abhi, just brilliant. :)

You made my day.

all a state of mind

No dear. My mind tells me that I'm 35. I feel like I'm 35 on the inside. If I never had to look at myself again, I would believe I am 35. It's the outside that is telling me that I'm old. Just have to face it. I don't like it, but it's how it is.

You are wrong on all counts.....Old is mostly a state of mind....but...in no event is someone less than 60 old in any meaningful way. Many want and like experience..(nice euphemism huh?). Lastly even you must realize that growing old...beats the hell out of the alternative. The bad moments come...and go like the tides....but they are easily chased away by a smile.

what is the euphemism??

A nice harmless way of saying something that might otherwise be offensive...i.e. in this case "Old" ;-}...

ahhhhhhh...i get it...you are sooo smart!
batting eyelashes
looking up ...
in utterawe...

You see, I don't mind being "old" in years. It's the physical changes that come with those years. Admittedly, I have been fortunate in that even celebrating my 50th birthday, my skin, and looks were not much different than when I was 35, but now, in the late 50s, I am really seeing the changes coming thick and fast, and I would not care one wit because I still feel very young on the inside, but I know that my chances of ever sharing my life with someone has now diminished considerably because even you know that "older" guys want younger women. It does not matter how good looking I was when younger, or even at 50, even if I can be called attractive now, it's still not the same, and we know most men are pretty shallow when it comes to women. Initially, at least, they are looking for young and "hot." Anyway, you gave me a laugh with your euphemism...;)

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