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Stop hiding behind your twisted concepts of God and Religion to justify your own ignorance, bigotry, hate and intolerance towards others.

If you want to say you hate others for being of a different religion, race or nationality, say it already. Be honest and admit you are a xenophobic, a bigot and an idiot, people probably know it already, but stop hiding behind the facade of religion to justify your sick views on the world and most of all stop teaching your children to hate and believe in a vengeful God.

My daughter told me of a comment she overheard made by another child in her school. This girl was telling her classmates that the earthquake and tsunami that recently hit Japan was an act of vengeance from God due to the behaviour exhibited by the Japanese.

My daughter is 11 and she was upset when she heard what this other girl was saying.

The girl in question comes from a family of  so called "God fearing" "Christian" believers, so it was easy for me to conclude that the hateful comment was not something that child simply came up with but the swill she had heard in her own home or in the Church they attend.

And I felt sad. I felt sad knowing that in the name of "Christianity"  ( and many other Religions, for that matter ) people are raising kids to be hateful morons , full of fear of anything foreign and too lazy and stupid to reach their conclusions .

The wrath of God, the vengeance of God, the jealousy of God.This is not the first time I hear this nonsense. I heard it  when Haiti endured that horrific earthquake and when Chileans  experienced theirs last year.

And that makes me sick. That nasty God sounds like a horrible being, wishing all that misery on the creatures he supposedly created.
That God is full of flaws, so full he sounds almost human.

What kind of "God" seeks vengeance wiping out thousands of people in an Earthquake ?

A human God.

What kind of person would serve such a God?

Sadly , we have the answer in the story above and in the words of every religious fanatic who can accept this as a truth.
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Stop and listen please........ Thre people whom you're criticizing deserve your anger. They are from the mold of"christians" who aren't! We cannot know God's plans for us, except that we'll like them and that love not hate is his prime characteristic. The idea of God killing thoug=sands and destroying is ludicrous. Your arguement my dear is with those who spread this nonsense, not God. We have here a case where instead of killingt the messenger because of the message he brings. we're killing the message because of the messengers who bring it. I suggest that it would be best were you to investigate what Christianity is, rather than be misled by those who don't understand it themselves.

Take that fish out of your mouth and I might.

God, I wish someone would serve me some cheesecake, right now.

Thanks Barry. I appreciate your comment.

yes! ALL love is Gods! he does not need your love; you need to love God! god does not want you to do anything for him, it is your need to serve god! I could go on forever 'but I guess it's clear!

I'm glad there are people who share mine too. ;)

Thank you very much for your comment.<br />
<br />
I am glad you share my views on this topic :-)

Very interesting. I find it also funny how humans use their standard and apply it to a God (Being) who created everything as if we know what He is thinking and as if we know His purpose for things. The thought of a Being capable of creating all things, seeking revenge is actually quite comical to me. Great post.

Thanks for your comment.

Actually, God is NOT vengeful. He is VERY loving and VERY patient. Yes, He does discipline us, but only because He loves us. We discipline our own children when they “misbehave”, not out of vengeance or twisted pleasure, but because we love them and we want them to grow up to be “descent” people. God does the same. <br />
To say that some natural disaster is Gods way of punishing people is wrong! (Although He can use natural forces to punish if He so wishes.) Natural disasters have always occurs and always will occur – that’s a fact! But for anyone to say that when a disaster strikes that God’s is punishing people is nothing more than sheer speculation. NO ONE can know the mind of God therefore NO ONE can say God did such-and-such for this or that reason!!<br />
Those who say that the people in Japan or in Haiti or in Christchurch (or wherever) were such great sinners that God had to destroy them don’t know God. Those people were no greater sinners than you or I; they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It comes to a surprise to many people that God actually grieves when people die (according to the bible). That’s not vengeance, but compassion.

Thanks jmoffit.<br />
<br />
Sadly the damage is done and the ignorance promoted by organized religion is rampant around the globe.<br />
<br />
I just read a comment posted by a reader of a non American newspaper, saying basically what the little kid in my story said in school. Basically according to these morons God ( whoever it is ) is punishing humans for their sins with these monstrous acts of nature in an attempt to regain their faith.<br />
<br />
Huh ?<br />
<br />
So, let´s see. An arrogant, vengeful, jealous "God" somewhere out there, decides to kill thousands and destroy part of the world , just to get his point across and gain more followers that way. Hmmm, Ironic, isn´t it and just so senseless. Who in his/her right mind believes this BS ? and worst of all, teach this nonsense to innocent children who sadly will grow up to be just as idiotic as their parents.<br />
<br />
And so the cycle of ignorance starts all over again.<br />
<br />
Simply unbelievable.

well to add to this thread would be preaching to the choir as it were.

I totally agree with you, B.<br />
<br />
And thanks for your comment :-)

Yes, CC, I can imagine how paranoid, small-minded, mean-spirited and closed-minded the religious fanatics can be. I have seen them. Because of their views on religion and the meaning of God humanity has suffered senseless wars , bloodshed and incredible suffering. It is time to stop using the God excuse and start living with compassion and tolerance towards our fellow human beings, then , and only then, we will have some chance at peace.

In my Bible it says that those who judge, will be judged by the same standard that they use to judge. Sheesh, I'm so glad God is MY judge, not fellow human beings, especially some "christians".<br />
I don't understand how some can make statements like that. Can you imagine how paranoid, small-minded, mean-spirited and closed-minded they must be? If something bad happens to a person, <br />
they have been "smote" by a vengeful god. I wonder where mercy, forgiveness, repentance and child of God come in?<br />
Shame they must live in constant fear of being found out.<br />
I'll pray for all those poor souls who have suffered or died, and I give thanks that by my God's grace, I am not one of them.<br />
People say the dumbest things all too often. Things that hurt immensely. Things that cause hate.<br />
All because some people think they are better than others. <br />