But Then I Don't Like A Lot Of Idealogies.

The west may be pretty harsh and dog-eat-dog, but at least we're usually up front about it (at least in a semi-realistic way). We find somewhat practical solutions to deal with the follies of human nature for the purpose of making things better for most, in fact we expect them which is why we're so prepared with our law enforcement, regulations, social structures, etc. We also have the best democracies I think. The thing I don't like is the idea of land 'ownership'. If you want a patch of land you're supposed to buy it from the government or someone that 'owns it' in the west. I think that's going a little far because as citizens of earth I believe we each have an entitlement to - at the very least - a small patch of land to live on at no cost, and people who make profit from 'renting' these patches are basically making money from the sweat and tears of their fellow men. Other than that one disagreement I think the west has found some very creative ways for society to function as a whole, even in some cases leaving the opportunity for civil disobedience in cases of disagreement. Although I do admire some of these nomadic tribes I hear about and such for their achievements of harmony and social understanding, I've never lived outside of western culture, so I'd have to go experience that style of life to decide what was the best ideology.

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I have been in the military and traveled. I have also traveled extensively to many countries. Truth is, I would only considir a couple other than the US. True we may be consumer oriented but then again when something needs done, for the most part, guess who actually Does it. Good ole Uncle Sam.

Oh btw, in general it's not wise to criticize or judge a person for not being perceptibly 'omnipotent', especially knowing nothing about them as it could put one at a disadvantage to do so. Nobody's been everywhere or experienced everything, there is always another thing to go out and do and learn. I just feel like there was an attempt to pigeon hole and slander me there as somebody that was 'inexperienced' per se in an attempt to completely disregard the validity of my views through ignorance and I do admit I felt some insult. You cannot see that I am a person who hasn't experienced the highs and lows of life, that assumes a kind of 'omnipotence' in itself which is, much less, unprovable. In summary: I may not know everything but I know I can make a valid point. As for the frog in the well analogy - there are many ways to learn about water in a well, especially if the frog has access to an information network. I might be a frog in a well only in the respect that I haven't been to the moon and that could apply to many. That analogy can also be reversed to say "a frog in the ocean does not know the great well". I think I was trying to say that with oreos, but I just reread that and it's really lame and impotent, but you get the jist. Sorry to drone on, but I was kinda annoyed about that and had to express my disapproval of the possibly insidious and dis-honorable intent.

You know what they say: "You haven't lived until you've eaten an oreo". Always another thing huh. Good on you for replying, I'm not sure what's up with the whole notification thing either. I usually just go to 'my stories' and click 'commented on', but you have to have a bit of a knack for it because I think it just shows the number of comments in any given story, *if there's another way somebody say something*.

I'm alive aren't I? I believe that counts for something in the way of life experience maa'm. If you're trying to convince me I know nothing it may help to bring some tangible examples to the table. I'll have you know I've examined and thought about the concepts in notable contributions such as zeitgeist (which I admit is considered a heavily conspiracist documentary, but is educational none the less), I've contributed to a few political movements, I have paid taxes, and I have spent time researching and thinking about the natures of democracy, communism, and dictatorships to name a few subjects. Enough bragging however, there are some secrets kept by government, I will not dispute that, but you have to imagine what you'd do if you were in the shoes of officials. It's one big mexican standoff out there the way I understand it, always has been, probably always will be. It could be done better, sure, but we don't have a hive mind so it's not exactly probable that everyone is gonna know everything that's going on at once. If you don't believe me go run for the highest government position you can. I believe that's an experience neither of us may yet have, but if I'm wrong about that so be it, it doesn't change my stance on anything I've covered here.

@ koyptakh - That's my intellectual property! Give it back I say! Awww ya already downloaded it to your brain... I guess I'll just read one of your stories and we'll call it even :P.<br />
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@ Saratogagirl - Thankyou for the poem, very appropriate and it gave me the warm fuzzies. :)

I love the East, I love the West<br />
North and South, they're both the best<br />
But I only want go there as a guest<br />
Cause I love being here with you

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Air is being carved up now! <br />

@ hiiamhere: I can't argue with your experience in the middle-east sir. Sounds like you've had a 'rough' time over there and I have to say I wouldn't want to live there either, but if there's one thing I do know it's that there's always a better way to do things no matter which government you live under in any part of the world. I hope to meet you in a civil disobedience too, ideally so that afterwards we can shake hands and go home having reached a reasonable accord.<br />
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@ unlimited: It's nice that there are those who agree with me. What would be interesting to see is more people who own large amounts of extra land in agreement.

well you should, quit sucking on moms appron strings, get out of home town and turn off the ******* tv and see what the world is really like, i am 73 years old and spent most of my life living the way i want which is trying to protect my country so people can have there own thoughts no matter how dumb they are, i have apent the last 7 year in the middle east hopping to help make sure there is not and other 911. I have a wonerful wife of 33 years who miss very much so i am going home to stay in and other year and half. citizen of the earth my ***, I am dead shot and i hope i get to meet you when are having a civil disobedience.