I read comments on other stories about how Jesus or God will come back and save us from these engineers of the world, and it made me laugh, sadly. Some people still think this is all some spooky business that anyone but ourselves can save us from...these egineers don't believe in god or the devil; they just want you to think they do so you'll scamper around in churches and be afraid. What can you do that's effective? Tear up your credit cards, America. Can't do it, can you?
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Good publication

Big hug, Juliegirl!

like it!

Thank you!

More new age bulls**t.<br />
<br />
Its getting really irritating now listening to all these spiritualist buddhist, inner christ, alien believing, evolutionist blasphemers. Why dont you humble yourselves, or even better, allow Jesus to humble you into recieving the truth and step down of your pedastool of pride, selfishness, arrogance and schpeil? I assume you believe humanity has done a fantastic job so far in creating peace on earth? Evolutionsits believe in evidence but where is the evidence of there beliefs when there is nothing but turmoil wherever you look. We are in the end times and there are more starving people, more homeless people, more diseases, epidemics, disasters and wars on earth in this present techno age than there ever has been....The devil is the greatest deciever the world has ever known and just because "Knowledge" has increased with advances in technology, it doesnt mean we are progressing, if anything society is getting worse and in declined. The Bible tells you everything you need to know, and God reveals everything we need to know about the just have to open your ears and listen. Peoples hearts are too set on the selfish desires of this world and unless we all learn to give rather than recieve then humanity will continue on this slippery slope untill the return of Jesus. Humanity will not save itself and everybody will know eventually that Jesus is Lord and saviour.

Nah. All it takes is empathy for our fellow human beings. I'm just as irritated hearing this "let Jesus save you, you are a sinner" bullshit. Believe in a god that kills his best child to save the rest?
No thanks, that's a real ****** up philosophy for an omnipotent being to have. Jesus was a great man but the only true messiah is the one you look at in the mirror everyday.

Oh i adore you!!!!

Likewise, I'm sure!

i still believe that u have German blood in ur viens. ur thoughts are German so i believe. not the French as u believe baby.

Das boot!

This is an interesting time in history, The engineers, The multi billionairs who have nothing better to do than try and controll our lives. It is a scary seen, money is power, People will have to use their own common sense. Be carfull where you spend money.<br />
Now we have the 99% globally protesting. Seek Jesus, God still has a plan. It's true this is about people globally.<br />
use your search engine and look for Bill Weise who has had an experience and wrote a book 23 minutes in Hell. Hes a good man, listen and watch his video, face book, it's pretty interesting. <br />
God still loves us.

Quit with the Jesus bullshit already. Religion is part of the problem. Judge yourself and get rid of the planks on your eyes.


What happen to the days when you could just plott out a sacrafice to a god and just throw up a new dead animal on some stone someplace and "bam" you are part of the heaven I am lost in "place", with someone to allways admire.

Yeah, burning animals for nothing. It's stupid. Salvation trough murder is stupid.

I've just finished a book that has helped accelerate the slow change in my spiritual views that has occurred since I was born. I've never been one to blindly accept what I'm told. Stubborn, hardheaded whatever.. That's me. I spent years in each 'phase' maybe wasting time, maybe it was necessary to see the truth. Each of us is different and has our own journey. The book I just finished would not be finished by many I know because if you are a fundamentalist Christian it would blow your world apart. I had to pause for a few weeks while reading it myself. Let my mind regroup.<br />
<br />
The name of it is "Jesus Religion: A Critical Examination of Christian Insanity by Louis Charles" Very interesting. It reinforces my belief that God ( or vital force, divine light, Spirit etc.) is within all. Some are not awakened to the presence. I think I've always felt it and was confused by some of the Bible teachers I had long ago that claimed you could not talk to God unless you were 'saved' and all that rigamarole. I knew that I had felt the presence of something within myself for as long as I could remember. We are all filled with vital force...plants, animals and people. What we do with it and how we use it is up to us. Yeah, you can think I'm nuts but this is where I am right now.<br />
<br />
Love you Brut. :-)

Love you too. I'm an animist, so I agree with you about the life force.

Yeah, and watch out for the military industrial complex, too.

Like your last poetic line there Boxy.

I'm not sure what God has in mind for us, but I'm pretty sure it's NOT what the engineers are telling us he has in mind...Assuming, of course, that God has a mind we might actually understand.

Simplicity is the key to a happy inner life...true Hazy!<br />
Oh thank you, Bunnypoeta! I don't hear " love you for that" very often, so thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear creature...

Yes, thats the right thing to do..

Oh, those engineers -- I try to tune them out.

That's really the right way to spoke about mankind. Each of us wearing a fragment of truth inside and the best way is to share with others.<br />
Nice words. :)

I'm talking about cultural engineers...<br />
Thanks for your comment. In my opinion, there are already millions of messiahs here, ready to save us. They are called the human race. Have a great night.

I work with engineers every day; they're common folk -- little people slugging it out in the trenches. When Jesus returns, he'll bring each engineer an icy cold six pack.

Thanks, dear. Yes, indeed, it's a beautiful day here. Sun, sun & sun. Lovely day too.<br />
Don't be afraid, we don't forgot our mothers, sure not.<br />
Read You soon.<br />
Your sister Julie.

Thank you, dearest sister! You are so right...have a beautiful day, lovely one, and Happy Mothers day!

Yes, engineers only do what God had previously done in Her planning.<br />
Physics, biology, chemistry, God had done all thoses techniques in the body of plants, animals and mankind. Technicians, low or high, only try to imperfectly decode the God's work.<br />
Scientist are more today, in the impossibility to " create " life. Only God had the KEY.<br />
But materialism is synonymous of pride !<br />
I have said !