AUSTRALIA IN CRISIS - Emergency Broadcast - Problem, Reaction, Solution

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5 Responses Feb 12, 2012

There has been concerted efforts by certain groups and individuals to get Corby back into Australia which has been successful, her sentence has been reduced and behind the scenes efforts are under way for her to come home, all those responsible for deserting her as an Australian Citizen must of course keep international agreements ahead of individual freedoms,she was set up that is beyond any doubt, but those in power and with the capacity to do so duped most Australians into believing she was guilty by innuendo, and to rub salt into the wound she cannot profit from writing a book etc if she chose to do so, the law was changed so that such could not happen.

So,Maj makes sense : former Yugoslav militia (police) had "way to interogate" which were against human rights,but there were no innocent people in the jail,no drug lords and no unsolved murder cases.But we wanted "democracy".Ha !

Lets just hope enough Australians see this story to get that girl a fair trial

And I thought it was all hunky-dory down under. Just all very hush-hush actually.

peaceful noncompliance. 7 billion folks in jail.