Why Trusting The Police Is Dangerous

I'm sure we all grew up with the creed "always trust a cop". Indeed, this is a theme of many books, movies, television shows, and daily conversations: law enforcement officials always have the best of intentions and should be trusted over anyone else. However, I do wonder why this is so? What makes the police so much better than the average citizen? Do any of them really have our best intentions at heart, or is it all just a play for power over the powerless? Obviously, becoming a law official places you above reproach.

In one example, a police officer molested his stepdaughter for two years straight. Despite all signs of his actions, his wife and neighbors did not believe the girl when she reached out for help, nor did they ever put any thought into it: the guy was a cop, so there's no way he could ever do something illegal and hurtful, right? The police office was shot and killed by the wife's brother, who found him molesting his niece in the living room. Neighbors heard the gunshot, found the girl without her clothes on, and immediately accused the brother, who went to prison under charges of molestation. It was not until after the brother had been sentenced and a funeral held for the police officer did people find out that he really had been sexually abusing his niece.

This is a prime example of how working for the government can grant you the ability to hurt others without repercussions. For a society full of a new wave of cynics and realists, for a society that despises serial killers, rapists, drug addicts, etc., it is full of people who can turn a blind eye to their own fault and allow so much corruption in the system they've built.
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I have an opinion...check your messages please.

I have an opinion...check your messages please.

Unfortunately I have a great deal of dealing with and actually living with police officers, detectives, correctional officers, probation and parole officers, my experience is varied not all negative for there are very good officers who are doing the job for all the right reasons and are as stand up as they expect us to be. However, I have also dealt with and seen the results of dishonest officers in varied positions. I must say the worst of them in my experience has been probation and parole officers, I have been lied to intimidated, threatened, and downright harassed by more than one and I am so not hard to supervise if you treat me with honesty and respect then I return that honesty and respect. I believe that probation and parole officers have to much power over ppls lives the ppl who are doing probation and parole have their whole lives held over their heads on a daily basis and if their officer is having a bad day could very well send them to prison or worse slap them with new charges all which may or may not be made up. I have seen this happen. I have seen prison guards have sex with female inmates and be charged with rape and not have to spend a day in prison, I have seen a lot on the whole I respect most of the officers but can smell a dirty cop a mile away. The truth is that the psychological profile of an officer resembles that of a sociopath can barely tell the difference I learned that in psychology and sociology during college so yes I think they get away with way to much and have way to much power over other ppls lives

The thin blue line....<br />
It's the PERCEPTION that people have that police have some sort of magical power over citizens. Apparently, TPB have forgotten that we are a Sovereign People, and the only REAL power any authority has, is that which WE (the People) bestow upon them.<br />
I have the scars to prove - some of us still believe in our own thoughts, and will not stand injustice especially at the hands of those who are supposedly entrusted to protect us.<br />
I am PROUD of the brother in law. At least One person cared enough to risk everything to save one little girl. Bravo!

He was eventually allowed a reversal and found not guilty (of molestation), he's still in prison for murder.

I like to imagine that he remains proud of his deed, and hope that in a similar situation, I would be brave enough to make such a sacrifice. I feel there are some things in life more important than our very lives. Justice may be one of those things.

True!! This stuff is not limitted to cops. But cops are paid and sworn to protect against this. They do (not all) arrest people and issue citations while committing the same crimes. I live in central florida. Every morning I am passed up on the highway by officers driving 90 plus miles per hr in their patrol cars out of district going to work. And if you get in their way, they will ride your bumper til you move over. And guess what?? Our taxes pay for his gas a tolls to and from work. Then they clock in and issue traffic citations for less than what the do everyday on the way to work. Why do you think it is against the law to video tape an officer in 4 states now?? A lot of motorcyclist now wear cameras on top of their helmets. Well this off duty cop jumps out of his car with his gun drawn because the cyclist was speeding. The cyclist felt the officer over reacted and posted it on the internet. The next day he was issued a felony for the video. There is a reason they do not want you video taping!!! They are tired of being sued. Just like the cop the pulls the ambulance over that is rushing a patient to the hospital and grabs the paramedic by the neck. He was suspended for 5 days then back on the force only to get suspended again for beating a person til he ended up in the hospital. Did not arrest him , but beat him badly. That is aggravated battery and they just suspend him?? Twice?? These cops get a slap on the wrist while if we do the same crime, we pay the price!!

Exactly. Why are the ones who are supposed to ENFORCE justice rarely the ones subjected to it?

And it will only get worse. Until police officers are held responsible for their actions forget it! The police are what gets the government revenue pouring in. It is basically a legal gang. Just like if they want to search you or your car they will simply make up something giving them the right to do so. Example: I smell pot. I central Florida, our taxes pay for these cops to drive 20-50 miles home. They speed and ride your bumper and they are out of their district. But yet they give you a ticket for less?? I could really share some experiences but am typed out today. However, until we stand together, it will only get worse. They are the beginning of the government using inmates for profit. Which is unconstitutional! We are so use to this and so lazy until it happens to us or a loved one, we have come to accept it.

That sucks for you. The problem with this is that not all police officers abuse their positions like this, so it would be unfair to purge them all or hold them accountable for the actions of those we've seen. And that is in most walks of life--everywhere that there is corruption, there is innocence, even if limited to one person. So, I guess you could say that there will always be injustice to go along with corruption.

At present,I give the police the benefit of doubt,and believe it possible that there are still some law abiding officers about.But give it a little more time and they will be weeded out.Whistle blowers will not be tolerated.

I'm not sure where you are coming from here. It's like people that expect that doctors will never make a mistake. We are all humans. There are good in bad in every single walk of life. No one is exempt. The story you told about the cop molesting the little girl? That's not a phenomenon known only to the police. I find it disturbing that you seem to think it is. Corruption isn't a pick and choose. It's everywhere. It is a part of humanity. Pick any 'group' of people.. police, teachers, clergy, ...hell even in our own neighborhoods and families.. there will always be stories like that. It's unfair of you to label the whole system corrupt because of a few.

You're right, this sort of thing is not limited to police officers, and police officers are not all corrupt. The molestation story was not meant to label all cops as child molesters; rather to show that too much trust is placed in law enforcement officials. Corruption IS everywhere--at this point, I believe it's a part of humanity and cannot be eradicated--but if the government will not allow corruption in the society it commands, and if our society itself scorns killers, rapists, thieves, etc., why is so much corruption allowed within our government?

It is not right to label the system corrupt because of a few.There are many which cause its corruptness.

Who can argue against what you say?As someone who is mobbed/stalked,I can say every word said here is true,and its worse than stated here,a lot worse.