Did Police Shoot This Man Four Times Then Taser Him?

Police markmen were accused last night of Tasering a man as he lay grievously wounded in the street after they had shot him four times with live bullets.
  Witnesses claim they heard one of the 50,000 volt stun guns being discharged after George Asare,collapsed in a pool of blood.                       
     One claimed officers repeatedly kicked the suspected knifeman on the ground as they surrounded him in a chaotic confrontation.
  Medical evidence has emerged that one of at least four Taser shots hit him in the groin,something his family believe was deliberate.Last night they demanded answers.
  His mother,Elizabeth Benin,said:"Why wasnt there a stand-off?I want to know why the police did not try to talk to George.George is not a bad person,he is a good person but he was not well.I dont understand why they had to shoot him.I just thank God that he was not killed."
  Asare is due to appear before magistrates in Bromley,Kent today accused of attempting to cause grievious bodily harm to police and affray.
  He is being held in a secure psychiatric ward ay the Bethlem Royal Hospital in Bromley,where he is recovering from his injuries.
  The new claims dramatically contradict the original chan of events that emerged in the days after the shooting in Forest Hill,South East London.
 It was originally believed that police shot asare with live rounds only after several Tasers were discharged but failed to restrain him as he threatened them.
  Allegations that he was Tasered after suffering potentially life-threatening injuries raises fresh disturbing questions about the use of the controversial devices.
 This week,it emerged that Bernard Hogan-How ,the country"s most senior policeman had privately pledged to put more Tasers in his officers hands.
   Critics fear expansion of their availability could reduce control of their use.
  Asare,a british born Ghanaian univercity graduate,was left fighting for his life with wounds to the abdomen,leg,groin and hand in the early hours of February 19.

                                                   "THEY STARTED TO KICK HIM"
  Local officers attended the suburban street where he lives with his mother after a member of the public dialled 999 to report someone suspected of trying to break into a car.
  But they were forced to retreat and call in armed colleagues when Asare allegedly threatened officers with "a large bladed weapon".It was later claimed that "several" knives were found nearby.
   Five live rounds were fired by police marksmen and photographs from the scene showed at least four discharged Taser cartridges.They also showed two of the bright yellow plastic weapons amid a tangle of thin metal wires that deliver the supposedly incapacitating electrical charge.
 A family friend said:George has suffered horrific injuries.The family believe it is the other way around,he was shot and then he was Tasered.Witnesses claim that when police came shots were fired almost immediately.
    "As soon as George hit the ground they surrounded him and started to kick him and then they heard the distinctive pop-pop-pop noise of a Taser."
  It was the first police shooting since the death of suspected gangster Mark Duggan last August,which sparked the riots.
  A spokesman for the independant police complaints commission,which is investigating the shooting,confirmed that it is looking at the exact sequence of events and appealed for anyone with information to get in touch.
 A metropolitan police spokesman said she could not comment while the IPCC inquiry and criminal prosecution is underway.

                                                       How can we trust the police?How can we trust the authorities that allow the circus now taking place over this case?We cannot,and should not.It has never been the right of the police to re-write events other than the way they were,yet its a common occurence now.It even happened to me concerning a courtcase recently,and was needless and deceitful.It is not exagerrating to state that lies and deceit by the powers that be is now rampant in all areas they move in.Clearly they do not consider themselves to be constrained by that which we are forcibly reminded of-The Law.Their laws,and they cannot even abide by them themselves.Its CRYSTAL CLEAR what happened to George,and there are mention of actions which should be wringing every right thinking individuals alarm bells.The unbelievable treatment this man suffered is so excessive and spiteful that I say here and now that ANYONE treating another person in this way has no right or place in authority,it is evil and cold acts that took place.Tasers were issued originally under the guise of being safer for the target,negating the need for guns.What we have here is guns first,when laying in a pool of blood and helpless,these thugs then took totally unnecessary and barbaric action,even Tasering this fellow human being in the groin,sickening.And they bare still in a job!These psychopathic bully boys are at liberty to call on me anytime,accuse me of what they will,and do the same to me for talking and protesting at their inhumane behaviour.Or perhaps commiting me to an asylum,another favourite way of fascist governments to silence anyone who calls them what they are.It needs many voices talking in unison to hold the iron fist treatment which is becoming the norm,and it needs to be soon.The authorities of this world are corrupt and have only their own interests at heart.Every one of us has the right to stand against this,and should.For our future,and the futures of those who follow.

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It's disturbing what they get away with. Watching police brutality videos on youtube will make me ill with anger. Those are just the ones that happen to get recorded. Corruption.

I know what you feel bd,how dare the depraved minds treat us as an inferior species,setting their bitter and bile as the norm?

I type slowly,with one finger each hand,and not always accurately,hitting the odd wrong letter,for which I apologise.

Surely this has to come to an end?Because if it does not,these thugs will ride rough shod over all and everything.I have no desire to live my life in the way they are determined to direct us.Its the existence of the soul-less.

The government and police are pro ... Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment to their own citizens ... and are below contemptable for using such diabolical methods on fellow humans and therefore these bum boys should be tried for crimes against humanity