Tazer Watch


Police fired Tazers at a terrified alzheimers sufferer in a troubling incident that reopens the debate over the controversial weapon.
Six officers were called to take the unarmed 58 year old man to hospital but he had nio idea what was going on and lashed out at them.
What happened next left his wife heartbroken and his neighbours in tears.
Police shot former farm worker Peter Russell with several tazer stun rounds,before manhandling him to the living room floor.
His arms and legs were tied together and he was carried outside "like a bag of potatoes"in full view of horrified neighbours.
Mr Russell,described by his wife as a "loving family man who wouldnt hurt a fly",was then put in a police van and driven off.Two months later,Mr Russell is still receiving psychiatric treatment in hospital and his wife Diane,50,remains traumatised.
She has critisised the behaviour of doctors and police officers and has spoken out "to prevent other families suffering the same needless ordeal."Mother of two Mrs Russell,of Epworth,North Lincolnshire,said,"There was no need to use the tazers.If he was a wife beater or an armed robber then I coud understand it,but this is someone who will stop his tractor when plowing a field and move a nest of mice to the side".
Police chiefs have backed the officers actions,saying they faced "a significant level of violence"from Mr Russell.
But the incident raises issues about the understanding and appropriate treatment of people suffering from dementia.
Mr Russell,who has a daughter from a previous marriage and married Diane in 2010,began being forgetful about three years ago.He went to hospital for a scan and alzheimers disease was diagnosed.
The farm worker was forced to retire and over recent months his condition became worse.
Mrs Russell said he began "pushing" her and doctors decided to section him under the mental health act to review his treatment.On March 6,two nurses and a psychiatrist visited the couples home and Mr Russell became agitated at talk of him going to hospital.
Mrs Russell said he began swearing and "slamming cupboards".She suggested he be given sweets and his favourite Noddy toy to calm him and then be driven to hospital by a neighbour.
But this was rejected and the medical staff were told to go outside because they were upsetting Mr Russell.Several hours later,a doctor,hospital consultant and social worker arrived and discussed calling an ambulance.Mr Russell became agitated again.The doctors left and police arrived to handle the hospital transfer.
Mrs Russell was told to go into the kitchen and it was then that her husband "lashed out".She said "five or six officers went into the living room.
After he was tazered,a police woman came into the kitchen crying and told Mrs Russell:"We didnt want to do this but had no option."
Mrs Russell said:"He was fighting them off because he didnt want to go to hospital.He was petrified and scared.He was shouting "Get off" as they carried him.I was going mental and saying "Its not him,its the alzheimers.He was not armed and wasnt about to kill himself,they should not have tazered him."
Neighbour Jez Taylor,58,said,"The treatment he received was disgusting."
Mrs Russell said she may lodge a complaint with police.
Chief superintendent David Hilditch,of Humberside police,said "The officers were faced with a significant level of violence.It is to their credit that they succesfully restrained the man without injury to himself."
Two police officers are believed to have suffered minor injuries in the incident.
Sarah Moody from the Alzheimers Society said :This unfortunate incident illustrates a lack of understanding in society of dementia and the best way to support and help people who are affected by this devastating position."

This is england,very much with a small e.This is fascism coming out from under cover,slowly,but surely.This is unacceptable.I do not give a flying toss what chief superintendent David Hilditch said about commendable behaviour by the officers,it was nothing of the kind.It was cowardly,heavy handed and unnecessary.If six trained police are unable to restrain a 58 year old man without resorting to using a glorified cattle prod then they should not be employed as police officers.Nor should a spokesman trying to excuse the inexcusable.No wonder the wpc was crying,despite her claim of having no choice(!!!!!) I believe her tears were really of guilt in being involved in this despicable action.Before the introduction of tazers,this type of situation was still there to be dealt with,and using guns would have been a step to far,even in these days.We were told the tazer was an alternative to using guns,not as what has become an all to familiar habit of use at the slightest situation where a police officer may be bruised by an old mans flailing fists.Tazers have been used over in more than 6,200 confrontations since they were introduced in 2004,across england and wales.British law allows the police to use reasonable force to porotect their lives and the lives of others.At no time were the lives of those officers involved,or anyone elses,threatened,no matter how this is viewed.I object with all my being to this treatment of the very people the police are supposedly there to protect.The police have been shown to lie over any matter that suits them,as have the authorities.They are no longer fit to hold their positions,and are a far bigger threat to us all than the purported "terrorists".I find it insulting to have these actions backed and commended by others,and it clearly shows the sick minds of so many in power now.There is an illness in society,which is being held up to us as the "right" way to be.Well,its not.Nobody is going to tell me this is right and proper,simply because I have my own mind,and it is obviously more correct in its perception of the truth than these bullying thugs.And we have empowered them.Its time for a change.
pedrohedgerow pedrohedgerow
51-55, M
May 10, 2012