Authority Without Morality Or Compassion

How is it possible to respect any authority which believes itself above the laws it was designed to uphold?When illegal,immoral and inhumane actions are encouraged,protected and financed by the powers that be?When those empowered and placed in positions of responsibility to protect,help and serve people consider themselves justified in taking decisions which they are not qualified to make,or wise enough to know wrong from right?
  Yet this is how the present day world is operating,men of depraved minds and ambitions riding roughshod over all that is fair,right and simply ignoring the wishes of those they consider "undesirables",because they object to that which any sane person would wish for.Lies and deceit have enabled the authorities to take peoples trust and abuse it in the most horrific ways imaginable,but even this is not enough for these haters.They wish for us not only to swallow their bs,but to line up in orderly fashion to swallow whatever is their latest propaganda,and to paint as evil any with the sense to see through what is being forced onto them.I laugh when I see time after time the same old tired trick of describing any who dissent to their corruption just as what,in reality,they in truth are themselves.All those helping the authorities have sided with a treacherous ally,who will dispatch them in the same cold,calculated manner they themselves are aiding the authorities to do to others such as myself.They need to ask themselves if its really feasable to expect a seat reserved at the captains table,when they have proved traitorous to those within the society in which they live.It would surely be more realistic to realise that once their use is over,they too will become "undesirables".
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Wonderful piece of writing as usual ... thanks for sharing :)

99% of all law enforcement are spineless cowards who either don't possess, or decide not to use their inherent ability to think and form opinions on their own!!!

They are choosing which laws to enforce and which to ignore according to their own agenda.And the police will always seek more power.

Ive come to this conclusion for the sake of humanity and for earth to survive that man needs to be destroyed all but a Chosen few. Has this happened before and man somehow cheated his fate .only to start the whole cycle again. .

This is exactly what we are told in the bible Debs,with the advent of the flood.Mankind had become corrupted,(I think this meant genetically as well as morally)and the flood was "heaven" sent.Just goes to show how right you are,and how theres nothing new under the sun! :)

And,God bless you,you are the first(and probably only!)to rate up my story,as has been the case so often.You rock Debs!