How The Uk Authorities Terrorise

The authorities are well underway with their covert operation sometimes known as community mobbing/gang stalking in the UK,and heres a brief idea how they are operating this illegal,inhumane and immoral terrorism against their own population.
Through groups such as neighbourhood watch (neighbourhood deathwatch),some church groups (yes,church groups) and others such as the freemasons,the target is subjected to a psychological 24/7 battle to retain control of their faculties.Everyday life becomes a gauntlet of hate and abuse which must be faced,walked and dealt with.Going to the local shop becomes a battleground,with people from these groups,and nearly all shops employing at least one or two who are involved in their private lives.So cleverly have the authorities devised this deadly game,that it can be done to the target right under the noses of innocent bystanders,without the bystanders having any idea its happening.
The groups are organised by the police,who are playing a ridiculous game of admit/deny they know anything about it.Roughly 40% of police Ive talked to admit they know of it and it happening in their area.Yet the other 60% supposedly have never heard of it.This is an untenable situation to claim,totally unacceptable and yet they are being allowed to carry on without others questioning this obvious lie simply because the authorities have placed a blackout on ANY mention of community mobbing in the press and any other media outlet.
Whats taking place is murder.Murder by terrorists.These people lie,deceive,steal,vandalise and actively participate in actions designed to drive the victim to suicide/complete psychological breakdown.They are getting away with it too.Nobody is interested when it doesnt affect them,and this is a very foolish attitude which will cost them all they know and have,unless people wake up to the evils being done by those who rule us.
Forget about the "terrorists" abroad,they are right here,in the roads and towns and cities of the UK,quietly killing innocent people.
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I used to think it only happened in movies, until I started investigating the Port Arthur Massacre. And then when I started writing stories about it I had shots fired at my home. Peaceful, law abiding citizens should not have to put up with being bullied and manipulated by police special operatives and intelligence personnel just for knowing too much, or not being politically correct.

Agreed,and the fact the authorities are behind all this proves they are not fit to govern.Thank you :)

long before i knew this was happening to me i listened to and watched the stories of it happening to others. ''ruby ridge'' would be an easy example for any one to research. i cared before i thought it affected me. there is too much MISinformation about it intended to mislead the public. but you can research some of the more famous stories and at least get an idea.

You seem to be stalked in an entirely different way to others gb,so the more you can tell of how your experience is the more it gives insight.

different how?

You have only ever known stalking as the norm,having experienced it for as long as you can remember.Most others are hit with it later in life.

i notice its diff from area to area. i also noticed all the diff people that harass me, are lied to in order to motivate them. also each group is told diff lies. church people told your doing some thing immoral, drug addicts told your reported on them, animal groups told you kill animals, and so on. every one is told whatever ppl think will make them mad at you. and since your labeled ''dangerous person'' no one gets to know you to find out if any of it is true.

still have that funny story to tell you.

Yeh id like to hear it gb,gonna tell me? :)

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I have three disabled friends in England who have to fight with ATOS, additional to their pain and struggling with everyday life. Now I'vebheard that ATOS wasn't successful enough, driving people to suicide and that your government wants or have hired other companies for that?

ATOS are the visable side of the authorities intent,and receive £300 for every person they turn down,which is obscene.As you say,its still not enough for the hypocrites governing here,they have resorted to denying basic human rights and breaking their own laws in order to do away with those they consider "undesirable".Unfit for office Ricki...

I hate how they treat the vulnerable, powerless people! In Germany it seems to be a bit better but there are enough people left out and more and more have to live on the streets. A cold wind is blowing!

Absolutely.Now the haves have decided the have nots are a strain on their purse strings.Arrogant beyond belief.Respect to you Ricki.

We pay social insurance for the people in need and I can't understand why people are so tight, everybody can find oneself in this situation one day.

Nothing in society happens by accident,and people are manipulated in ways they are not even aware exists,by the elite,for the elite only.Their greed and hypocracy know no bounds.

That's true!

Now its just a matter of getting the oppressed to realise who their true enemy is!

i already knew. so now what?

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I wish I could tell my story with the percission and simply clear way you are able to explain things. I had seen this going on all around me but didnt know what it was I was seeing until it clearly was happening to me.

aw thanks gb:)....whats important though is to write about what you experience,put it out there for others to see.Many will ignore it,disbelieve it,but some may take note and look into these things further.The mobbers biggest ally is secrecy...

Ever since I read the first of your stories about gang-stalking, I've been reading more and more about it.... There are terrorists among us and knowledge is the best defense. I wonder how can some people in power be so cruel are to ignore the torture that is happening with their consent. I'm sure you re going through a lot. I wish we could help you more substantially...

My friends here on ep do not realise how great a part they play.When I come here,I can find all that is missing away from here,people who trust me,laugh with me and (hopefully)like me.Thats priceless cam,and I thank you for this.

That is absolutely shocking Pedro! No wonder you are feeling as you do. Psychological warfare. Friggin' Hell! Unbelievable... Thanks so much for sharing this. (hugs)

This is when friendship and trust are so precious Zoranna.Im of the mind that you believe my words here,through communicating here on EP you have something to guage me by,so when I say Zoranna this is 100% true,I know Im reaching new ears,my aim,and thank you x

I certainly do believe you! 100% Pedro. Stay strong, I'm thinking of you, you dear Man. xo

It boggles my mind to see how they have all this promotion for joining the army. They show the respect that you can have if you join the army. I'll believe it when those rich people send their kids in harms way for the elite. If only more people would open their eyes to the things going on around them.

you are spot on in this observation Empress.the territorial army here is on a promotional drive,and peoples goodwill is being directed only towards those with dead eyes and minds,haters.ive been shouting about it for a time now,and hope more voices will join with me against what is a downright robbery of morals,attitude and goodness,having a tunnel visioned and hateful mindset to replace it.Why?Because those in power care only for themselves and THEIR idea of how this world should be.And it stinks.

They want to hold on to their power no matter the cost. Their circle is exclusive and it was not till I started listning to WBAI that I started to notice what was going on. I rufuse to allow my child to celebrated columbus after I found out that he was pure evil. He exploited kindess just for fun.

good for you!they give us demons as figures to idolise,and denounce and ridicule all thats worthwhile.

Yeah well thats just how it is. i heard about a top doctor with the med board over there. yeah you hear of sex slaves but what about medical expert slaves? he did the wrong woman dirty before he married her. just a slave for her work and his credit to be top dog for a major cancer cure. she wanted a divorce then. she met an american. wrong american to tell such an abusive marital story to. but then she turned on the american with her husbans game... guess what? the american is a general and agent to a intl terrorist mafia group. it wont be long until two doctors get dead... the cops will make it happen.

dont get me wrong champ,but thats just how it is aint good enough,it should be just how it isnt.Those in power have no God given right to use the masses for their own ends without thought or concern for their actions,which is why i will always shout as loud as i can both here and offline about the b*stards and their nasty little are right about the cops too,thanks.

Hey man, I do agree with you. There's so much, that is happening around us and yet we do not see. Pity, that majority is only concerned about such things, when it starts to happen to them. Same problems, different people and similar or same causes. What should we do about that?

number one is never,ever agree to participate in it if asked Written.its evil,cowardly and no human being should be subjected to,or subject another to this evil.
Number two needs more thought between an organised and creditable group to decide...i wish i could offer more.

heh and I'm planning on studying in law and order field. Do you think it's the same everywhere?

here in the UK,any group,housing associations etc,are ALL part of the system,tied into government(real government,not the puppets people vote for)control and given directives on any stance to take regarding different groups in society.Love to see you attain your goal,maybe keep your views,air them very carefully to those you think have the ears to listen,get what you want,and who knows dude,who knows?Good man,and good luck.

well that's probably where will I go, but I was also wondering, if I should work for the money and go UK to study Psychology. This one is more interesting than the law for me, but here where I live I need to have Maths in order to study it and I'm not that good at it and in UK it's more practical, you don't need Maths, only the mark of it, but the studies are quite expensive. How are people there in UK? or like everywhere else? :D

my daughters recently finished a psychology course,3 year in brighton,couldnt find work related to the course,they all told her they wanted experienced people!people seem fine on the service here,dig a little deeper though......

I know I know, it's not the people, but those few, that " rule " the rest. I heard that Illuminati has its base in UK, but who knows, I don't live there.

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