... ******, RAPE, ********** & **********.


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Looks as if someone's wanting to get ******* by charles!!!

hehehe ... or the corgis :)

Sometimes I wish I could just let someone else think and form opinions for me. I wonder what it would be like!!! I don't know if I could get along through life being stupid though. Hmm.

baaaaaa baaaaaaa ! !

I have stopped watching at 1.43. What a load of crap. Is this how you get yourself educated? And then you put it up here to spread the fomenter propaganda put together by ignorants like you?

At least i'm not abusive like you ... go and troll on somebody else similar to your own butt remarks

Is this the best you can come up with? Truth hurts does not it?

No because you've shown yourself up to what u r

ROFL both of you. What sect are you exactly following? Ignorance is a bliss.

All documented facts ... but hey ... bet you like the royals shafting u every now and again

Documented facts? ROFL! And I am not even a Royalist! Nice wolves btw, pity what is behind them.

If u watched it ... yes all documented facts ... try and learn more than what you are told ... brown nose

Santa Claus is a documented fact too, it is all over the Coke adverts! ROFL. But if you bring up learning, go get an education in a decent school and then come back and give me the definition of documented facts. Until then, byebye.

Old Nick aka ''santa claus'' was green not red ... you should know that if u want to be more green Mr Fox

I must say these "nothinkers" do appear Happy most of the time don't they

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Check out the "Sandy Hook Actors PART 1" video that comes up at the end of the Royal Family video. Did the Sandy Hook shootings even take place? If that clip is real these actors are worse than the actors that were playing family members of the deceased on 9/11

Oh, and thanks for the contribution as always!!!!!