They Will Eventually Be Exposed

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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

I wonder sometimes. I think the powers that be would rather kill the other 90% of the world than lose power. I think they will one day.

Just follow the hollywood story. It's all there. The barren desert lands and crazy folks. Mad Max just over the next dune

No they want your money, your useless to them dead.

money is an illusion, when humanity realizes that gold and bank notes have no real purpose in an agrarian life then the top 10% will realize the jig is up

Well religion and everything has been engineered in the past to control us and re-enforce the money system. Money is a tool to enslave but they want us alive so they can feed off from us, trust me. It will get to the point (maybe already) that the world cannot sustain so many people however. What i am wondering personally is what they will do after the mass exodus to retain contain control. What I ponder is what they are putting into place this moment to ensure that future survival for themselves after the fall comes.

The elite, and when I say elite I mean people with so much money that they couldn't spend it all if they tried, don't really care if you live or die. As times get tougher food prices will skyrocket and you'll either be able to pay the $100 for the loaf of bread or you won't. Chaos will erupt starting with the most poverty stricken areas and spreading through the middle class as they become lower class citizens. There will be rioting, high crime rate and stealing. While people are killing each other to try and survive, the elite will sit in luxury in suburbs far away from the trouble, importing the best food and wine money can buy. If trouble comes to that suburb, there's always somewhere in the world that's nice and tranquil, where there are poor people that are willing to grow their food and do their work they need done. It's like I say, they're not trying to kill us, they just going to leave the "weeds" in the garden to die.

I think it will happen faster to be honest. China (among others) is researching EMP bombs that will knock out satellites and stop global food distribution. There is only a 3 day supply of food stored in shops and stores, period. After that rioting ensues and an estimated 3.5 billion people will be dead in 12 days. If I were going to possibly lose power because over of a gradual decline, I would just rip the band-aid off, wouldn't you?

What do you mean? Are you saying that at the moment shops in Cgina only stock three days of food? Or is that what you think they plan to do?

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