Classic Divide And Conquer?

Classic Divide and Conquer?? I have been thinking about just how divided the country is becoming over politics. Everyone is starting to lean farther and farther to each political side. The country is more divided then it ever has been. Could this be part of the governments big plan? It is a classic divide and conquer. They are dividing us as citizens instead of trying to pull us together. While we are all distracted with the stuff on the surface our leaders are laughing at us and doing more and more to take away our rights. Personally I think this big divide in politics is planned just for that reason. By the time we realize what is going on it will be too late for us to do much about it
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i think it more simple than this.

It is/was the Goal of the "New Society"....create a Government Subsidy program that allows your party to obtain Power and Control over a bulk of the that 1/2 of all Americans receive some sort of Govt. Assistance, Democrats are a shoe in......the only places they aren't are where the bulk of the population still believes in "One Nation Under God" and the right to live free.......Now- God is out and our freedoms are less than 25% of what they were 40 years ago....Regulation, Government involvement, takeover of public lands....TAXES out of the ying yang.......SHEEP!

Through out history countries become divided. This has occurred over and over. It settles itself in two different ways. Sometimes without conflict, sometimes with conflict. Lets hope our current situation resolves itself as peacefully as possible. Change is always the norm, the one constant. Dealing with change can be difficult at times. But we always get through it. May we find the patience and understanding that it will take to care for peoples. Howard

I can definately agree with that. But I think we need to do it as people because our leaders don't seem to be very interested in Peace and pulling things together. Just seems like they are intentionally trying to divide us farther. Like Obama and his executive orders he is putting out today. He doesn't care what the people have to say he just cares about his own agenda and proved that by bypassing Congress because he knows they won't support his gun control measures which are going to do nothing to help the current situation.

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That is because small minded bullies dont like to be shown their intelligence level!

Both sides do the same thing so what can be done about it? Here is your answer! Until people stand up and rebel the government wont change. People just give up and do not vote anymore in this rat race they call elections. There is no more morals in politicians. Just look at a typical election year. There is more and more mud slung between opponents than there is discussion about the issues. Look at how many debates there are as compaired to the mass media mud slinging campains that drive voters away from voteing. They do not know who is better and just dont vote at all. If they did vote then what will change? Absolutely nothing! The politicians are all the same. There is nothing to be done short of revolution. The armed services are sworn to uphold the orders of those appointed above them. How would you like an M-1 tank sitting in your front yard? Remember we have the best Armed Forces in the world! What chance is there for change? They dont listen or care about the "American People" now what makes you think there is hope?

I agree with your sentiments as only part of the problem. I think that the elite running the world has intentionally set things up in the way they have. Because just like you said. People are not voting anymore because why bother. So that puts the right people in power. Also the more mud that slings the more divided we are becoming. They are making it easier and easier to park the abrams on my front lawn because we are so divided as a country. Though I do think that much of the military would not follow orders to shoot other Americans. I think that many of them joined the military to do their patriotic duty without knowing what is really behind their orders. It is all part of the grand plan of the elite to keep us under control.

I agree with you on your point. I see that you are a very intelligent person indeed.

I'm a kinda yogi novice, As time goes by I realize with more clarity the division is purely conceptual and we are by no means the first to witness life this way. The more immediate the division the closer to the core of truth. Why I'd even bother to care about what anybody else says they can do for me or what I should care about ain't gonna make it happen, I just don't vote on anything.

We're all born to Babylon.

I make some effort to be better for me so I'm less of a Git to others. It's the closest I've been to making a worthwhile change in this illusion that I live as in a reality that as much as we deny is still here.

All the trying to figure out who's doing what and how it really works hasn't changed the taste of milk for as long as I can remember.

I understand what you are saying and for the most part I absolutely agree with you. Its just kinda nice to know who is flavoring the milk.


well the illuninati are the ones calling the shots behind the scenes they have a game plan to destriy many of us and set up a new world order as soon as they can pull it off but its not going to be easy to disarm the ppl lol which is a good thing for uslol vinny

Yeah I can agree with that. But I have a feeling the illuminati don't have that much more behind them. They are not as organized as they have been in the past. They are starting to make mistakes that people are picking up on. Also I have this feeling that something really good is just around the corner that is going to change the entire planet for the better.

One reason I would love to run for president. But I would need a slue of us going in together each into a different office in order to effect the changes needed. It's that or the alternative fighting.

Unfortunately the way things are set up if you did become president and decided to go against the grain of things you would probably end up dead just like Kennedy. He wanted to bypass the Federal Reserve.

there are many flaws in the FR that is why. They are not really apart of the government but apart of the world back.