Government Scare Tactics??

My computer was hit by a virus this morning after I posted a comment on facebook about the CO and CT shootings being linked together and to the government. I was able to clean out the virus but here is what I saw:

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Are you sure it was just not spam ?

I don't know what it was. At the very least it was a virus. It the where it came from that is a wonder to me.

Wow blocked from where?

It was just really weird. I really do not feel that i was targeted specifically. I was just posting some enlightening videos of silly government crap on Facebook. 5 mins later it popped up. I suspect it was some monitoring program being run by NSA. They have the means to do it and if even only one out of a hundred pay and thousands are sent out every day that is a lot of money. It catches certain certain **** it randomly sends out a virus. If the people take it seriously and shut up great. Pay money budget infusion, neither of the above no harm done.

they see what we are doing they will do what they may they have killed many ppl in high profiles from kennedy to Lennon to martin luther to Michael jacksonthere is really a long list here lol but you get the point

I have no doubt whatsoever that you are right. I have heard that Heath Ledger is also part of that list.

yes he is and many many more they killed both john and robert kennedy i read yoko was a illumimati spy witch which John did not know she set up his killing JULLIAN AND SHAWN know this about yoko she is still a witch in the illuminati also this one is a question mark paul mccartney was killed by the illuminati in NOV 9 1966 because PAUL wanted a cover of a album in AMERICA that shows what the illuminati does to babies in ceramonies at their summer retreat they kill them as a sacrifice so Paul was killed they used a lookalike called faul aka William Campbell that is why touring stopped and as soon as JOHN put out all mcCartney songs plus his own he left for NEW YORK knowing the beatles were over.

Its a virus but not from the goverment its to scare u to pay its a new virus that came out spreading fast there calling it a ransomware

ok. but under the circumstances that it hit I suspect that it was probably someone sitting in a government cubicle somewhere sending it to whoever is posting stuff that shows the government for what it is. It wouldn't be difficult for them to send it to anyone with a couple clicks of the mouse.

But it isnt I did research on that when my friend got the fbi one and fixed his computer

This is one of those times we shall have to agree to disagree because I can't see the government allowing you to trace the virus back to them. Of course they are going to make it look like some dumbshit hacker did it out of his garage. It would be bad business for it to get out that the government is screwing people over.

I think they would crash your whole comp not block it and say pay

But some hacker cannot make it look like the FBI did it? I suppose the FBI is really sending out those spam emails I've been getting about lottery winnings? LOL!

Regardless of where it came from none of us will truly know the origins. It could be a dumbass in his garage doing it but I have more faith in the government to waste our resources and send **** out like that. And quite honestly I would expect something like this to come out of the NSA since monitoring communications is really their forte. For all we know the low level hacker that made it up and sent it out was caught once by the government and spanked into working for them or go meet Bubba in the federal lockup.

As for your lottery winnings you can collect them from no name bank in the Congo with your unclaimed inheritance from the King of East Jabib.

But don't forget to send them the processing fee.

Do you know what equivocal evidence is? It is when there is equal evidence for two opposing conclusions. In such a situation you cannot make an attribution of guilt. In this case there is no real evidence at all.

There is a screen cap that you took and only you can verify. You claim it is evidence that the government hacked/infected your computer because it says Department of Justice (that is the only thing I can make out and everything else was speculation based on other cases I know of).

I have given several good reasons to doubt that the government is responsible:

(1) There are other cases for which the US government is not responsible (at least by your standard - one of the screen caps I have seen is a British police department and based on your own standard of taking the lock screen at face value we have to assume it wasn't the US government)

(2) There are cases in which criminals have impersonated US government and law enforcement officials and who have been caught doing so, never mind the lottery winnings, which seems to be a low level scam which the government would have little to gain from (especially since it is widely known now)

(3) This would be a terribly inefficient method of dealing with free speech they didn't like if that was their goal - why not destroy or take the computer under "legal" pretenses (I am sure they could find some violation of some regulation or law) or just delete the post/facebook account in question and have it blamed on hackers, without identifying themselves?

(4) Does the government really care about your post on Facebook? And if so, do they care enough to do anything about it? Are you really so influential that you pose a threat? I think not.

My argument is stronger. Your evidence doesn't really exist. And what evidence you do have there are strong reasons to doubt. I am just being logical. Even if they did take issue with you, they would be unlikely to act in the way that they did. You saying we cannot know for sure does not strengthen your argument for I have admitted that my argument is one of probability.

i agree with you Aiyana they do not want anything linked back to them we really pose no threat and that s scaring me if those with guns are disarmed we are a doomed society a new world order will start and many changes are coming 90 percent of us will be killed they have a set number of ppl they want on the planet killing most lower class ppl vinny

Somehow I don't think the public as a whole is going to let them do that. There might be a bunch of people who are thinking along those lines but in the end I don't see it happening. I think if Obama does try to force it through executive orders there will be a lot of noise made from all the law abiding gun owners. There are just too many of us out there and I can't see how the supreme court would be able to ignore the gun issue anymore.

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Never seen that...don't send anyone money! :D

What all does that say? I can't quite make it out except its from the department of justice. But it doesn't surprise me when we have a president who isn't an American and the government fakes a school shooting or at best is leading the cover up about it

It looks a lot like the locked screen for some of the viruses going around. It basically says (if it is what I think it is) that a law enforcement agency, presumably the department of justice, has locked your computer for reasons of illegal activity and that you must pay for it to be unlocked and it lists several helpful payment methods. It is obviously false and the money goes to the hacker who designed the virus as the government would just seize the physical computer if it had grounds to and it would not offer it back for money (that is not provided for under the law).

And the president is an American. He has proven this on multiple occasions. The Supreme Court swears him in, do you honestly think that such an educated group of people (some of them republicans chosen by other republicans who don't like Obama or share his views and who have no interest in seeing him elected) would just go along with it if he didn't have a valid American birth certificate (which, BTW, the whole world has seen now)? Don't be absurd. If there was any real doubt, this would be before the Supreme Court.

What the whole world has seen is a piece of paper supplied by one of the most powerful men in the world. And yes I do understand your thoughts on the supreme court but at the same time what makes you think they will cross the president? We only know what has been said and shown on tv. Also if the government is capable of the CT and CO shootings why not something like this?

The Supreme Court has the ultimate power over the government. They could have removed him if they had wanted to or simply refused to have sworn him in (I am sure someone tried to sue to have Obama removed on the basis of not being American and even if they could not have gotten rid of him after swearing him in the first time, they certainly could have before the second). The Court had no motive for not acting to remove him if it was warranted - they have life appointments, a good number were appointed by republicans and don't share his views etc. They did not act because it would have been ridiculous.

Explain how the government was responsible for those shootings.

The simplest way to explain it was with a video I just posted in another story. Of all the information I found and videos I have watched on it this is one of the best. Also consider that the shooting is linked to the one in Aurora Colorado and that both shootings are linked to the LIBOR trials as the fathers of the shooters were high level people involved in the LIBOR scandal and were supposed to testify before congress.

Also there is a reason why the supreme court wouldn't do it. If something like that came out the scandal that would result would be incredible and I can't imagine it would be good for the country considering how much unrest is already out there.

Well, I've gone off and investigated this, but I fail to see how it all links up.

I get that the two shooters each have fathers who are going to testify regarding the LIBOR scandal before congress. I admit, that is an interesting coincidence that those two people would perpetrate mass shootings. But interesting coincidences happen all the time and the other similarities between the shooters explain why they were more likely to be violent than other people with violent impulses - ex. they are both on the autism spectrum (can involve emotional problems, possibly involving empathy, although not necessarily), they had both taken drugs at some point in their lives that potentially cause violence, they both were above average IQ (explains how they pulled it off) etc.

If you mean that these shootings were used to draw attention away from LIBOR, then how did the government "make" them do it? And why them? Why are they otherwise so similar? Shouldn't it have been someone unconnected? Because the connection itself draws attention right back there. Also, Americans are as a whole are kind of dumb, they don't require mass shooting as distraction as they still don't even understand what happened in 2008 to cause the entire system to crash (I do and it ****** me off as a Canadian because I suffered too!). Just shove some stupid celebrity and their antics in front of their faces and the half the country turns off their brains (I am aware I am exaggerating and stereotyping here, I am doing so for effect).

Supreme Courts do plenty of things that cause unrest in societies. In the 1980s the Canadian Supreme Court abolished (completely) the abortion law - Canada doesn't have any legal restrictions on abortion. We still don't have any legal restrictions and our majority conservative government won't introduce any (our doctors have decided for themselves not to do third trimester abortions except in dire circumstances for ethical reasons, but that is not a legal requirement). The US Supreme Court is going to hear cases about gay marriage this year. Those issues don't cause unrest? And more unrest wouldn't be caused after the fact if it came out (and it wouldn't because it isn't true) and 8 years had to be declared invalid?

Oh my. How wonderful it is to young and naive. I have been around a tad longer and know people who have had high level government jobs. I have heard enough stories about how the government works to be twice as cynical as I am. You go right ahead and keep your faith in our leaders that they are such wonderful people. I am going to keep my thoughts and they arent going to change no matter how much we go back and forth. With that I shall just agree to disagree with you on this as I have no more time to argue it with you. Its late and i need to get up in the morning for work.

Oh, I hate politicians. I have never once said that they are great - perhaps at one time in history there were politicians who were great but no more.

I may prefer one over another. I may defend one against accusations I think are unfounded. Doesn't mean I like them. They represent they elite. They are corrupt. They are up to all sorts of things in the name of personal gain, corporate interest, and national security and many of these things are if not immoral, they are amoral.

You think I am naive just because I don't jump to conclusions and assume like you do. And for the record, I hate my PM and all the leaders of the major political parties here - they all suck. I will admit to having more faith in judges, but my perspective is from the Canadian system where the court system is less political (but you can never keep politics completely out). As for American politics - I don't like anyone either - I prefer Obama because he does less of the things I object to (lesser evil).

Sure whatever you say. You are making many assumptions of your own as well.

I just saw a picture of Obama and Biden taken by cnn at the gun control press conference. Shame is clearly written all over his face and Biden's. I honestly don't care where he is from. He is not behind all this nonsense. He is a puppet being told what to do just like the rest of us are having our rights taken away. He doesn't believe in the gun control measures he is taking. So i imagine he doesnt believe in a lot of what is going on.

There is over 313,000,000 people in the United States. I don't believe in coincidences that interesting.

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You do realize that there have been, for a while now, many people who use viruses, spam etc. to impersonate the authorities to try to take your money, information, and so on...? This virus has many variations and has happened to many people who did not immediately post such a comment before (I know some such people).

Also, I highly doubt that you are so interesting and such a threat to the government that they bothered to send you a virus for a facebook post when they probably could have just hacked your account and deleted the post if it bothered them so much.

I am aware that the government (and the US government is not my government - I am Canadian) does a lot of horrible things nationally and internationally. Some of these things it covers up and some of these things it doesn't care if the public finds out about or not (usually because people don't understand why they are bad or not in their interest or they can convince people it is good through fear-mongering).

This incident, however, is just paranoia and a bunch of assumptions. Is the US government capable of doing this? Of course. Are they likely to have done it? No...not really.

I do understand where you are coming from but at the same time there is a lot more going on in the world than what is on the surface. Do I think there is anything that I truly need to worry about with this? No I don't. But I do believe that government probably has someone sitting behind a computer somewhere looking for a little posts here and there. When they find one how hard is it for them with all of their resources to just click the mouse a couple of times and send something like that out. It wouldn't be any harder than sending an email. By doing something like that the message is still in the back of the receivers head as to what is going to happen next maybe I should shut up. If say 7 out of every 10 people they send such a virus to gets it and shuts up then purpose served.

And if anyone actually was to pay the $300 then it would just be considered a budget infusion.

Of course more is going on than on the surface, but that doesn't mean that you can just make any claim you want. I honestly do not believe the government was responsible for this.

Also, did you ever consider that they might benefit from allowing you to post things and then simply ignoring you/denying your claims (if they are even aware of you at all other than as some statistic or as a driver's license)? People who make really insane claims draw attention away from the really insidious things going on. Don't think I ignore those.

I take sociology and philosophy at university (about to graduate actually). I have learned about arguments and critical thinking, more than that, I have developed skills. I don't read a news story and go "Yep, that's what happened" I question everything. But just because you can question something, doesn't mean that the conclusion will always be that it is deceptive or likely to be deceptive.

I don't want to be rude, but you seem to have paranoia and questioning without the rational components - the critical thinking and the understanding of logic and arguments.

Or we just have very different opinions. I went to school too and am able to read and write and crazy enough count without my fingers and toes. You also can't judge your own argument. Of course you are going to feel more strongly. Since you obviously didnt read the rest of my comments to other people on this you wouldnt know that I am not the only one who thinks the way I do about this. I also was pretty clear that I didn't feel i was specifically targeted for anything. My feeling is it some dumb **** that is paid to just peruse the social networks and click on send virus to whoever is writing something that might show our government at its best. Not everyone is going to heed the virus and they know it. But for the few that do and actually send money now said dumbass's salary is paid for the week and maybe a couple people won't spread the word anymore. And before you just decide to attack my thoughts further you forgot one thing. Know who you are arguing against. Meaning I have a very cynical view of our government. They are absolute experts in keeping secrets, misinformation, and pretty much doing whatever the hell they want. Obama by passing congress to get gun control approved through executice orders because he knows damn well that he can't get the support to do it properly is a perfect example of them doing what they want with the end result of more control over our lives until it becomes absolute. There are just way too many unanswered questions about things like 9/11 and the two shootings that no one seems willing to answer. So if our government is willing to sacrifice 1000s in 9/11 and shoot up a bunch on innocents in Colorado and completely fabricate the CT shooting then I have no doubt they are capable of having some no name idiot sitting in a cubicle sending viruses out just for fun without any agenda behind it whatsoever. Try reading more then just lame stream media and do some real research on your topics.

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Ohh yeah and dont forget only Russia comes and gets you in the middle of the night and takes you away never to be heard from again. Wait I forgot the new terrorist act this country implimented!

OMG your going to a Federal Prison dont drop the soap! LOL Where is freedom of speach at? Can anyone please tell me where it is hiding? I cant find it anywhere in this BIG country of ours.

LOL dropping the soap might be fun. : ) I think it was most just them telling me they know who I am and that they are watching anyone out there that is seeing through their crap.

what we have to be cioncerned with is the ban on guns if they can disarm the ppl its over they got us its concentration camps with corps waiting for most of us little ppl they are going to kill 90 percent of us only if ppl allow themselves to be disarmed vinny

Your guns are no match for the United States Military forces anyhow so keep them if you wish. It will just be lambs to the slaughter and if you rebel then the United States forces will be more motivated to mow you down like weeds in the yard. They are sworn to obey the orders of those appointed above them and all you will do is justify the slaughter.

True but many of the soldiers have family here too and they are oath sworn to uphold the constitution. Many of them will not follow orders.

The Constitution does not specifically say you have the right to bear arms! It has been interpreted in many ways. You could say the armed forces is the bearing of arms. All I know is it says the right to bear arms not specifically who!

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