Just How Stupid Does Us Government Think Us Citizens Are?

Listen to how she tries to bury the real question being asked by attempting to turn it from a factual debate to an emotional situation, because to play on the publics emotions sweeps their logic out the window (she hopes). She is being asked, "why are the American people not being told the truth by the government about foreign affairs? Why does the government hide facts from the public which they obviously know? What's the reason for the government to keep lying?"

Her response to that is, "What difference does it make at this point that they lie to us? Who cares! Americans died!"

Well Ill tell you something Hillary, there are a lot of people that think it makes a difference that the government lies all the time. Only the stupid ones would think it made no difference. Most probably those Americans died BECAUSE the government lies so much!

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3 Responses Jan 24, 2013

To answer the question you posted, They Think We're All Real, Real, Real Stupid. And The Sad Part Is, That The Overwhelming Majority Of Us Are Real, Real, Real Stupid!!!!!

How can a high ranking government official say "What difference does it make that the government lies to us?" LMAO
That sums up US politics in a short sentence. Fukking classic. That should go down as Hillary's most famous quote ever.
Not to talk about the suckers that agree with her. I feel sorry for those ones

I am with you

I watched that yesterday and as much as I agree with you about governments lying , I couldn't get past my revulsion at the Republicans blatant attempts at scapegoating for purely party political reasons.

Yes, I saw some of it only, but this really caught my attention. Because this is a straight question which doesn't get an answer. Isn't it obvious that the people at Benghazi would have been able to say immediately it wasn't just a sudden protest over a video on Youtube? Why did the government tell the people a lie when they knew the truth? That's the question she won't answer.

They probably have a euphemism for it , like ' News Management ' , or something.

I just thought she wasn't very skilled when it came to this area. It's like she was almost saying, "OK OK, I give up! I know we're being fukked over, but hey, what can we do about it? Sweet fukall! So lets concentrate on making the best of a very bad situation while we've got no clue of what's happening"