How people still believe that kind stupid things!!!! Hello, its 2014 ;)
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How people don't believe in this because it's important!! Hello, it's the age of some research.

You don't believe in the illuminati? It's everywhere

Helllllo go to a contemporary issues class and maybe u'll see that a couple (not all) conspiracy theories are actually true

Which theories are true ?

The Roswell, area 51, Malaysia flights, Mars, organ donor, cancer, and clinical death conspiracy theories are all worth looking at.

Im sorry, I worded that wrong. I dont know for sure that they are actually "true." But the evidence and stories that Ive read and learned in class really made me think. Some theories arent that wild.

Who proved that theories ?

No one has proved them. I just said that I worded that wrong. But if you make a timeline and research for yourself and keep an open mind, u'll notice that maybe the conspiracy is true. Maybe its true or maybe its not, but it makes you think for yourself

Thinking about this kind theories are so paranoic for me, i think people should waste their time to find cure of cancer :)

Well the cancer conspiracy theories talk about cures. And yeah conspiracy theories can sound crazy and paranoid, but they do make u think. And u should be paranoid about this world. People are screwed up

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