Say It Like You Mean It

WHY!? do people say that they are going to try? Elaboration .... I am going to try something new. Okay fine. But seriously ... are you? How about you say ... I am going to make an effort at something new. Hmm ... kind of makes it more believeable doesn't it. The word 'try' is too played out. "yea, we'll try" .... really? ... when? ... ten days?, cus by then I won't want you to try to make it anymore. How about "you'll make an effort to make it". This gives me some hope that you will show, and if you know for a damn fact that you won't then say NO! ugh! Or maybe ... "I'll try to be nice to her" ... does that mean for the first five seconds you won't say a word but then once she opens her mouth you are going to go all ballistic on her with all the smart remarks you have. Cus then I just don't want her here ... really. I don't know. Maybe it is just me *again* but the word try doesn't mean anything when you want to be serious about something. The word effort gives it so much more power so much more hope. Makes it meaningful and serious. I like to make an effort at everything. But ... I like to 'try' different kinds of foods. I make an effort to 'try' different kinds of foods. *That is the only time I ever use the word try* At least ... I make an effort to not ever use the word try. *shrugs* maybe I am just rambling. haha
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2 Responses Apr 9, 2007

i friggin' despise the word, 'try'! when someone tells me they are going to 'try' to do something i immediately realize they just lied to me. history has proven to me, at least, that when someone says, "i will try to ..." that they will NOT make any attempt whatsoever and in this actionless moment they are merely conscious of that which they are not following through on. listen, people ... sh!t or get off the pot! DO OR DO NOT! but for crying outloud, people, stop 'trying' ... put in an effort, make an attempt, give it a go, etc. etc. etc. but don't tell me you will 'try to'. :-| *grumble grumble*

" If at first you don't succeed: Try, try again."!