Where The F ** k Did It Come From, Anyway!?

There is no specific label given to a person who hasn't been on an airplane before, nor one for someone who does not live near a bank. It's just silly. I have not ever considered myself a "virgin" ... To me, if someone has not had sex before they simply "have not had sex" , and do not need to be labeled or defined. I think people make a bigger deal out of "virginity" than they really need to. It's unnecessary to judge someone based on whether they've had intercourse or not. To a certain degree I suppose the matter is relevant, but ONLY if it is out of care and concern for the person in question, and absolutely NO other selfish, pathetic reason. Once, when someone asked me to have sex with him and I kindly rejected his offer, he came to the conclusion that I must be a "virgin" and accepted that as the one and only reason why I didn't give in to his charms. Hehe, Oh please! I mean okay, so perhaps I hadn't actually had sex in the past at that point, but that didn't mean it was the reason I didn't want to do so at this particular time.. It simply wasn't right for me and I didn't want it to happen. I mean, I was going to do it for the first time at some stage of my life anyway, I just didn't want it to be with him! ;)

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Hey Polly!<br />
Thanks for your comment =)<br />
That's right, it was a matter of the chemistry and timing not being quite right.. but yes, when things are right I will know... I do know. Sometimes situations can be uncomfortable, but I try and stay strong. It would be nice if people could be a bit more relaxed and open-minded sometimes, rather than thinking in point form, or that sort of manner... but things will sort themselves out, I suppose, and I'm sure it gets easier and makes more sense along the way. Interesting what you say about sex being like glue... That was a thought that was on my mind just tonight!<br />
Thanks for understanding, lovely lady ;)<br />