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This year has started badly as far as my work is concerned.  For the majority of January and February it looked as if the office might close - not because of the recession but because of mis-management and dishonesty.

That crisis seems to have passed and for the past couple of weeks things were calm and seemed to be getting back to some degree of normality.

Now the boss is conducting a "Viability Study" - otherwise known as writing up a list of all his expenses and no doubt seeing which expenses can be cut i.e. staff. 

His secretary has been asking everyone when they started working here.  This is making everyone nervous and the fear that cuts will be made is spreading of course. 

Everyone is realistic enough to know that the recession here in Ireland is cutting into every area of society very deeply.  No-one expects to remain untouched by it and indeed everyone has been affected - those with a job have seen a cut in their net pay already along with child allowance which has also been reduced.

There are no jobs to be had for support staff here in the West of Ireland, all of us know that if this job disappears it will be a long spell of unemployment and the misery that brings. 

The aspect I dislike so much is that of uncertainty and how these situations seem to be played out in such a slow and painful way.  To my way of thinking it would be a much better management style to call the staff into a meeting and explain that there is a possibility of cuts and to explain the reasoning behind it.  But there is no point in wishing for this kind of treatment - such openness is unheard of in this firm.  It seems so unfair to treat people this way and not to be open and honest.

The thing which sickens me is that these cuts won't be as a result of the recession - the business is certainly viable and there are still plenty of clients - cuts will be as a result of the earlier mis-management - the staff will be paying the price of the boss's incompetence. 

Now there is an atmosphere of uncertainty and a cloud hanging above the office - again - just when we thought the sky was clearing! 

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thanks josie - I'll put the last two suggestions on my cv!! lol

Branch out a bit, look at all your skill. To get a job done, one usually does a whole lot of other things that normally are thought to be someone elses job. But if we sit back and wait for that someone else we might never finish a job.<br />
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So widen your job parameters and think out of the box. For me although it is not in my 'job description' I have to be an executive secretary/assistant too ... or as I say it would never get done. So, broaden your horizons when looking for a position.<br />
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Of course your beauty and your intelligence will never hurt.

Yes, mine could be a lot worse too ... but I do want to get out ... this might be the time to make that move ... but I have to have an alternative source of income.

True my friend. I actually like my job ... just not enough of it.

That's the thing that irritates me too Josie ... everyone is so concerned about keeping their jobs even if they are unhappy ... and you just know if you left there would be a queue of 30 people to fill your shoes.

I can understand. been experiencing something similar but it's been about a year now. Been looking for something new to be steady and consistent but the economy doesn't help. Glad for what I have even if it is at times hit or miss.<br />
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One way or another it will turn out the right way mizz. I am determined to find an alternative income source and this situation is spurring me on to pursue it more strongly. I just know I can't rely on this job - the foundations are too shaky. Thanks for the comment and good wishes!

blissy, it makes me livid how we have to carry the can for the basic incompetence of management, and I think gryfnn is dead right, the recession is the result of gross mismanagement, and we're paying the price. Funny how management are always right, even when they're so, so, wrong. I hope things turn out okay. <br />
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thanks brittommy and gryfnn. Whatever happens it will be for the best - I just hate the way people are treated. Yes, gryffn - I'm sure you are right!!

Maybe the "recession" is caused by dishonesty and mis management.

Feel for you sweetie, must be so frustrating. Hang in there, fingers crossed they wall hang onto you xx

Yes, it is ignorance - the lack of caring is appalling. Thanks for the comment LV!

I am so sorry to hear this.<br />
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Unfortunately ignorance of those with the power can harm a wide range of people