So Cold...

In Oct-November last year after almost 6 years of waking up alone....I woke up with him. I left him over there (had no choice) and came back here. I HATE not having someone in bed with me in the morning, it's so sad.

I'm so cold...all I can do to feel alive is heal everyone else.

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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5 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Sometimes, all you want is a hug. :(

Thanks, Real!<br />
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I love my husband SO much and it's awful not to be able to share our bed with him.<br />
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We haven't been able to make love in over a year - and we both miss it SO much.<br />
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Not the sex so much as the closeness that was so much a part of our relationship from the minute we got together.

Oh Meggi...that hurts! I am sorry. *hug*

I wake up alone EVERY morning.<br />
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I'm married, have been for nearly fifteen years, but because I sleep so little, due to chronic back pain, hubby & I haven't been able to sleep together for over a year!

We haven't broken up though and that's why it stings.<br />
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*HUGS* I'd cuddle you at night.