And All This Over a Girl ..hmmmmm

I have a girl but she is not here... right now. I care a lot about her. From the moment we met, i felt something. Light. A flash of something special that... i had to quickly write about, and made me feel creative and inspired.

Well it was always going to be difficult. Things were never going to be easy. For us, everything of the heart was easy. We were not in the same place in geography but we couldnt have been closer.

It is at times like tonight, alone and in pain, that i miss not being with her. and to have the same bed to share. i remember the nights we shared and hugging each other all night. it was heaven.

the worst thing about, waking up alone, is that on a night like tonight where i feel alone and not happy, there is no one to give me that hug so i feel good in the morning and i wake up with a clear head and look over at who is the most beautiful girl in the world for me.

ritchflynn ritchflynn
22-25, M
Jun 14, 2009