I hate hearing someone talk about the ending of a movie that I was just about to see at the theater. It's so irritating! It ruins the entire movie! The only time I actually want to know the ending of a movie is when it's a very, very sad or disappointing ending. For example, take the movie King Kong. I went to see King Kong twice at the theater, but I've never actually seen the ending. I knew that King Kong dies at the end (haha, sorry if I'm ruining it). I heard from everyone! My boyfriend and I left the theater before the end of the movie, right when King Kong and Naomi Watts are playing on the ice or whatever. If I would have stayed to see the end, I don't think I would have been able to control my hysterical sobs! My boyfriend wanted to leave too. I'm sure he would have teared up.

P.S. Haha, check out the photo I uploaded guys! It's PERFECT for this group! =D
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When King Kong ran through New York he wasn't looking for Naomi Watts, He was runing from Chuck Norris.

I hate that too!! I have an example for it... I was watching Blade for the first time about amonth ago and my sister had already seen it but was out there. Well Wesley Snipes pulls up and I say, "wow I love that motorcycle." She answers me with, "yeah and it is even better when he crashes it through that window and kills that guy that guy and that guy... then he takes out his sword and chops that guys head off!!" I hate it soooo much (it didn't ruin the movie but just that part.)

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SPOILED ME FOR KING KONG!!!! Ok, so maybe I've seen the original and knew the ending already, and have no real intention of seeing the remake even if Naomi Watts is made of scrumptious. But still, it's not half as fun as poking you with a stick and yelling hypocrite! ;) :D But yes, spoilers drive me insane. Spoilers for television shows are the worst (if I get spoiled for a movie, it just makes me less likely to go see it). The picture that you found for this group, by the way *is* perfect. I do that when the tv promos are spoilery. Block my ears, close my eyes and start talking very loudly about nothing particular. I'm odd :a