I can usually guess what it will be anyway, foreshadowing is often overused...it's rare to be surprised. Still, I never want to be told how it will end, I would kill someone if they did...or spoil their favourite show depending on my mood.

That might be the smallest story I've told.

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I watched a teen slasher movie and in the first 15 minutes I guessed who the killer was, why they were killing and who would get blamed, Right on all 3 counts.

I must admit sometimes the plot and endings become obvious to me and I am pron to share my thoughts with those watching. I will try to refrain from doing this in the future in case cinderelly happens to be watching with me. : )

My friend makes guesses on movies that we are watching for the first time, and it drives me nutso, cuz shes usually right! :P

Makes me want to tenderly and affectionately choke the living **** out of them.

The movie Fracture, with Anthony Hopkins, is one that I would highly recommend.

What about 'the Village' <br />
I could see that one coming a mile away but thought 'no way it would be that cheesy'<br />
It was.<br />
Ah well, I still liked it, and that M.N. Shamalyn guy has some interesting visions and ideas.

I was going to talk about a movie I saw where the ending surprised me, which is rare, but now I forget what movie it was. Harrumph.

This is why Lost has lost some ratings...impatience...ah well, I love the anticipatory feeling...waiting and watching for clues. I suppose some people like their stories to be over as soon as possible.