Booo @ Movie Commentators

If I wanted to hear commentating, I'd watch the football or go to an event where it makes it just that extra bit exciting.  Movie directors hire musicians and carefully select music to create moods all throughout the film.. We don't need other people acting like Chihauhas yapping in our ears about the next bit and ESPECIALLY the end.  If I wanted to know the end now, I'd fast forward the movie and find out, duh.  People who do this lack self-control and respect for others.. Go outside and find something else to amuse yourself with while we're getting the same experience YOU got the first time YOU saw it.  The majority of "Ending Wreckers" volunteer the closing scenes of a movie without any prompting ... Maybe they just don't enjoy allowing others to be focussed on a storyline that doesn't include THEIR input, hehe.  Cheers!
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2007

In highschool we did the same to Psycho. It was awful, likr every 2 minutes the instructor would pause the movie and we would discuss what had happened or ob<x>ject placement or wardrobe! It was crazy! But I am also one that 'talks' through movies... Well movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos anything. I think that I am pretty much known for it now. But I do not talk in a theatre! I don't want everyone to think that I'm crazy!!!

hahaha.. I do that in my mind.. You'd be the parrot on my shoulder saying it out loud. When I was studying media in high school we picked apart "Psycho", scene by scene.. So after that, the storyline was just another element to the overall putting together of the film to me. I find it difficult to "get into" a lot of movies because of that. I also rarely go to the cinema, the last time I did was to see "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and I literally jumped up out of my seat gasping, much to everyone else's amusement and my embarrassment, lol. But usually, I'm very quietly analysing and guessing in my head without vocalising my thoughts.. Heaven forbid I got it wrong, hahaha. Cheers, and thanks for your comment!

All the reasons you state are the reasons that I don't go to the movies, because I tend to react vocally, lol. Even when I haven't seen the movie before, I sit and go "Look, she's going to die in the next scene. The only reason this scene is here is so we care. Ooo Kidnapped then killed, nice." ect. ect. I really like it when movies surprise me, but I also know to keep my mouth shut around people who my dialog bothers. It's hard though!