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I read many of the stories here. My first dissociation was not traumatic , I dont really remember the first time because I've always lived like this. It is common for me that every day at some point, I see the world as a dream, sometimes distant, as if it wasnt my body and I was on the side watching what happens, it is normal for my stay also blank and not knowing where I was going, what I was saying or what someone was saying in the middle of a conversation, this makes my life chaotic because I always lose my things and I have no idea where they are. sometimes it's good to laugh at yourself, but sometimes it is very difficult and you just want to explote.

I have a question, I went where a psychologist and she told me that i had depersonalization and disociacion, this also means that I have dissociative identity? as other personalities,? because sometimes I hear a voice that is always angry with everyone....
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I feel the same, sometimes. It comes and goes, but I feel like this could all be a dream and that the "real me" is somewhere else. It's almost like I'm watching life happen to somebody else? But it is me... Weird.

Very often the voice you hear could be someone who was not kind and nice to you and that is why other personalities came to protect and one way of not having that condeming voice is to stand up to it and tell it. You will not control me and I am grown up now and don't have to listen to you so leave. It trys to control you and make you scared. It is a voice u were maybe afraid of as a child and you have internalized it and hear it still.