I started counseling before Thanksgiving and I told her that I removed myself from every situation that was painful.  I told her that whenever my parents started fighting, I would go into my room and close my door. After I started college, I would remove myself from situations that were upsetting.  I would leave the room or even the hall and walk away from everything until I felt better.  She told me that I dissociate myself from situations that I don't know how to handle. 

This has been going on since I started realizing there was something wrong.  I tried everything to remove myself fromt the situation, but it only made things worse.  I began to remove and dissociate myself from everyone in my family and a lot of my friends. 

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Hmm...that's an odd use of the term.<br />
You use it to mean "escape physically."<br />
I could not escape physically from various things. So I went away. Gone. My thought processes break up into little tiny fragments and I am not there anymore.

I did the same as a way of coping with my family situation...perhaps consider taking up a drama class to help play out roles and scenarios so you can learn new healthy ways that's what I'm doing ;) so far it's fun..