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take so much negativity. I try my best to have a positive outlook ALL the time. i count my blessings, the glass is half full. I always try to look for the positive in every situation. I will encourage those who need it in a positive way. However, even i.... yes i... have a breaking point. Maybe you are a friend who may be crossing over that line into Toxic People. I have discontinued "friendships" with Toxic People. Those are the ones who may be positive sometimes but are mostly negative. Once it feels like a lost cause to me. They are really not listening to me because they would rather hear themselves whine on endlessly with their totally negative viewpoint.. Warning .... I'M DONE. I will no longer offer my advice, counsel, uplifting thoughts, happiness, joy or friendship because you are too He_I_I bent on wallowing in your self pity and self defeating attitude to even consider what i have to say and try to change your life, circumstances, mood, attitude or anything else that could possibly be positive. If you ever find me unaccessible it is because i have put a block on you and can no longer be subjected to the daily pain that you bring into my life without any relief! We all have bad days. We all have to live through difficult things.. but... it is all in our attitude.. how we get through it. I choose the positive way or i will just shut up and deal with my stuff and not subject you to it. if you subject me to too much of your negativity, don't be surprised if i run away one day, never to sunshine your door again... Just a word to those who may be guilty... your days might be numbered as far as i'm concerned. You may have to shoot your poison arrows into someone else's heart.. please turn around and point the other way... Thank you! .....

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we can only try... but not alwayz can we stay away from negativity as there is alot of negativity in the world.....

i have always admire, adored you for your postive attitude!!! (hug)x

Thank you Candy my darling :) We must hold on to our positive light .. yesssss ! Yes not in a mean way.. prayers are always there for a hope that they will change and come to the light to experience true joy and bring happiness back into their life. Happiness is not due to anyone but ourselves and how we perceive! I'm blessed too with the real life happy people in my life and along with you and my other happy EPers it is a joy to see you here and talk with you about wonderful things :) Sending you sunshine and almost Spring flowers yayyyyyy :) xoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

Yes, I share the same values as you! Can't let them drain the positive light out of you! Try so long and see no change bye, bye baby... Not in a mean way...You still pray for them but' change must come from deep inside them :)
I'm blessed all the people in real life are full of happiness, I feel the same we have a blast! Some here too LOL like you! xoxoxo

You phrased it perfectly. Let's cut to the chase..some people need and appreciate the support they get. Some seem to be stuck in a rut and frankly, keep making the same choices. They aren't going to have more happiness. Period. Do they actually, not knowing, like it? I can't discount that theory.<br />
I will always listen or help anyone. Too much negativity is poison. We have to know where and when to draw the line into that vortex..run like h*ll.

I have been around people Bliss who did nothing but complain all day about everything. I was trapped in a working situation so could not as easily get away from them. But one day, told them how hard it was to listen to their constant negativity. I'm thinking it might be such a habit with people that they automatically respond that way alll the time and after a while are so used to themselves that they can't even hear alll of that spew coming out of their mouths. So occasionally a little education is needed by someone speaking up. We all got placed in different jobs eventually because our department was contracted out and later when i would see her and talk once in a while she did seem more positive. Maybe she grew up with a mom or dad who was like that and it just never left her. I don't know but now when i see it i tend to run like h*ll too Bliss .. hahahahahahaaa. Your thoughts on this reminded me of her .. lolol .. PH takes out her chalk and draws that line .. hahahhahaa. .Thanks Bliss and have a wonnnnnnnnderful day !!!! xoxoxoxoxox

Wiseowl my love thank you so much for your response too. I think there are some who enjoy their wallow in negativity. I am just not one of them. I'm glad you are also one who will run from negativity when the quest to help another makes us aware that will just not happen with that individual. It is freeing to know you can change your mind and change your life! Some get it and some don't! I hope you're having a glorious weekend. Sending warm Spring breezes and lots of flowers your way love :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxxoxo hapi :)

Thank you for your sharing and i love your positive attitude.I have stayed away from negative people for awhile and felt calm.Being in God's presence have certainly brought me peace and happiness.God Nless.

Thanks unshakable. I have certainly been enjoying your positive attitude also and your great faith and love for God. I feel calm just being around you. I love reading your stories and feel uplifted every time i read them. God will surely grant us peace if we only pray to Him for it. He has given me contentment and peace and though i may be alone sometimes i am never lonely :) Good bless you too sweetness :) xoxoxoxxox love PH :)

I used to crib a lot about everything. I used to ping people because I wanted them to hear me. They did but my constant complaining drove many away. I have learnt it the harder way, but learnt it for life. I dont complain anymore unless it really is worth it. :) I deal with things all by myself-most of the times. :)

I do the same newmsuv. I keep it to myself too. I handle it and move on from it. I just don't feel like bitchhhhn about it. I let go with a few paragraphs here but in RL, i will talk something out just to work through it maybe but most of the time i will just deal too. :)

I hear you precisely, phat. I have also, sometimes painfully for me, had to simply cut ties with folk who seemed to be getting their steam from me as they absorbed my own energy in their circuitous complaints. There are indeed those human parasites, and they find the more stalwart of their species to attach themselves to. <br />
<br />
Like you I am sure, I am here for friends, acquaintances, and even strangers!... fellow spirits and souls in distress and with their HONEST attempt to seek help - advice, suggestions, whatever -- to process and resolve or at least mitigate their issues, if at all possible. For those, I'll rally every resource I can muster, for we all need an ear sometimes, a hand, a hug or a rub, or maybe just a different perspective.<br />
<br />
But no one has the right to abusively sap-off the healthy, the stronger trees, and bring them down.<br />
<br />
YOU save the Orchard by preserving your integrity. The Weeping Ivy that pretends to be a Weeping Willow will have to find ….a FENCE!

Oh Juno - your poetry is so beautiful - the Weeping Ivy that pretends to be a Weeping Willow will have to find... a Fence!!!! That is a perfect way to describe it! Yes you also understand emotional sharing and when people are truly listening. I worked with someone once who was very negative all the time and i finally had to say something to her about it. i don't know if it is the first time she heard it but she seemed to calm down after that and adjust her attitude. Maybe some people don't actually realize what an effect it has on other people constantly to be that way as Tanu said. It might be up to some of us to let them know, so they may change for the better. Thanks for your understanding and support. i always love your eloquently worded comments and the wisdom of your perspective.. Thanks my friend :) xox

For some reason this negativty has stoped entirly to effect me, however their is something els that effects me more it seems. Its when people always complain, without ever giving a slightest thought to the person they are talking with, or people in general. That seem to upset me more. I know I seem to be way too much for people in most cases. I cant realy be honest, cause it seems to push people away. Like that way they dont want to hear anything negative about my life(cause it hurts them). But only reason why I share is cause either people ask. And that person who ask, wants me to be honest. Which honestly was a big mistake by me. Ive never actualy complained once IRL, I do complain a lot online I might add tho. lol, but Im not forcing anything on anyone tho, never have. I even often make stupid jokes to either comfort myself or others. lol again. (sorry just had to laugh of myself, haha). <br />
<br />
Either way, people are only as strong as they heart is. Some can take much more then others. Importand thing is that everyone should have at least 1 person they could complain too when things get tough. Life is never easy, just someone hearing you out can make the biggest diffrence.<br />
<br />
So well, thank you phatnhapi for lending your ears out to so many people :) (I know you do). It makes a huge diffrence for so many people.<br />
<br />
And not the slightest weird you got a braking point, and toxic people dont realy deserve any much help. How can they expect others too make their life easier if they never make anyone elses life easier?. Cant be just take take take, they got to learn to give :).

Thank you Tanu for your very kind comments! I appreciate that so much! I do enjoy the many points of view expressed by so many good people here and like to let them know someone is listening. You are right too about having at least one person to complain to if that is needed to just get some relief over a situation. A conversation with God will even do lots of good. He is always ready and willing to listen and help us through a bad time! :) xox

Yes Bliss .. you understood what i said perfectly! I am very happy that you are in a mellow, positive place and can find peace... me too :) xox

Yes we can feel bombarded by other people's negativity sometimes can't we? I know it just makes me want to run away and hide. I have enough of my own stuff to deal with without someone moaning on about their ills ... not that I lack compassion ... but there are people out there who just refuse to help themselves and seem to love the sound of their own whining and moaning a little too much. We do all have bad days it's true, but I get the feeling that some love to wallow in it for its own sake!