Peas In The Same Pod

I don't like one single politician in my country. They're all big frauds and roll in aid money and the money they earn by corruption. They've all got corruption cases on them. They're all rich people. Either landlords or businessmen and always do nothing but make money.
They charge people emotionally and blackmail them once they're in power.
Our president ran off to Britain for celebrating his son's graduation when we've got like the biggest floods of a century in most parts of the country. His son was wiser and converted it into a fundraiser but this was certainly not his idea when he went there.
And I'm really glad some brave old man from Birmingham flung his shoes at him.
Can you believe we've got people with fake degrees in our houses? And even the president's degree is in doubts.

There's no single politician who's honest here. This is why we get Martial laws and dictatorships. Poor people who are the majority are too worried about feeding themselves in ever rising inflation to care about who rules them. They can't bring any reform. Rich people are the ones who are in power and middle class would rather live like sheep following the rich people.

The only things I like about my country are the media and the judiciary. Some people oppose the activism of judiciary and media but I think its better to have SOMEBODY active here who can keep a check on the rulers or at least show their true faces to the world.
FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
26-30, M
Aug 9, 2010