There Are No Governments Anymore, Now It's A Blood Line.

No governments anywhere on earth, today, have any authority or have the last say about anything, anymore. Need proof? OK, hows this. Ah... the entire planet is being saturated with Chem Trails and not a single Chem-Jet has been shot down yet. Not One. Not a single mention of the "imminent dangers" of this constant fallout in any form of main stream news or media. Knowing what we "now know" in full detail about the contents of the Chem Trail Fall-out, how would this be even permitted by any government, if in fact we still have our government??? Think about it. The planet is being poisoned in complete blanket form, and not one Spray Jet has been shot down. Not one organization has stepped up to claim responsibilities.Nobody knows who's doing it, and nobody is even trying to stop them. Now that my fellow earthlings is notable fact and evidence. Wake up folks, your tax money is not going to your countries benifits, its all going to one bank, owned by a small group of people, members of a not so secret society, who have gained "full control" of the entire planet. Yes I said the ENTIRE PLANET. They want it for them selves. Like a private resort, where you can drive through the streets naked, and never worry about anything ever again except for what color panties to wear to the "family fornication feast". Keep cranking out babies of one blood line, while possessing the technology to lengthen life. Ok true there kinda is more people on this planet then resources and the number keeps growing fast, and at an alarming rate to where our resources will completely diminish in under 40 years....BUT...This still does not justify the murder of millions and millions of innocent people. This royal bum slapping ****** ridden spoiled lot of devil war-shipping parasites have final say in everything that happens to you, me, the weather, who lives and who dies. Politicians as we all know are just blood line puppets, (giving the stupid nephew a job) on a payroll with a script. This small elite group has a very different agenda for this planet, far different from what we grew up believing.
The depopulation plan is written in stone. I just cant believe its actually happening. They are about to pull the plug on everything we know as life. They are going to force civilization to kill its self off, while they hide in their underground resorts, safe and protected, and stocked to sustain them selves for decades. And above the ground, the planet gets quieter, and quieter until one day, when the dust settles, and the screaming as stopped, they will emerge to do what ever they want. It all belongs to them. Kinda sounds like a perfect dream of a perfect life that we've all dream t about. Except we still stand in the way, and that part of the mission is in operation as you read this.
If you are not disturbed by this, before you call me nuts, then go take a look at some mortifying proof of the planet being over taken on YouTube. and type in.. "From Chem Trails to Pseudo-Life": The dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology. Go soon because this video won't stay up long. Lucky if its still there now.
If you watch it to the end and really listen to what we understand now, you may feel sickened. You may also suddenly feel like ROCKY and want to stop this from continuing. But honestly, what the hell could we do. How do we stop those jets from ever leaving the ground again? How do we shut down all those HAARP systems before any more permanent damage is done to our ionosphere and our natural weather patterns. How do we blow these under ground fortresses securing the elite, how do we blow their **** up. And wipe them out. Millions of us against a few spoiled rotten blowhards. Yea...good luck with that. Merry Last Christmas and a Holy F^%#ed New Year. Sorry, I am optimistic, always have been, but I am also too aware of whats about to happen, and in the name of honest logic, we are all too late. Humanity is about to disappear from history...again.
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It all sounds like that show...I don't recall its name, that has been outlining this scenerio, eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Id like to see it. It would confirm I'm not imagining things.