What Is Nesting

When it is parenting time, the children stay where they are and the parents are the ones who move in and out. Its called Nesting. Or Bird Nesting.

It is the PERFECT solution for our situation.

I found this idea in the Divorce for Dummies book, the Judge suggested it, my Ex HATES it.

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Probably permanently, It does not make sense (at least to me) to duplicate the housing or medical equipment for two growing boys in a residence they will only be in a few days a month.<br />
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we have two children both with a disability. <br />
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It will last for as long as my sons need the house (and I can afford the mortgage).

That's really neat- the nesting fascinates me. Imagine the adults acting like adults and taking the "burden" of the divorce on themselves instead of putting it on their children.<br />
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Are you nesting as a long term solution or a transition?

Well, it is the best solution in our case and for our children. Hence perfect. <br />
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Unfortunately, my ex would prefer to have/own her own house that her (insert her description of me) former husband, never sets foot in. her problem, not mine.<br />
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thanks for the question.

So if she hates it, it's perfect.

I saw something about that on TV actually.<br />
So how does it work out for you??