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I live in Oregon and have been here for 4 yrs.  (I am from FL)  Moved here with my husband of 10 yrs. He has ALWAYS been a Control Freak and wants everything HIS WAY! He was "nice" UNTIL the Day we MARRIED.  Ever since then-it has been like I own you.  (His first wife of 20 yrs divorced him for being a "Control Freak")  I should have talked to her, FIRST.  He has no kids but I have 4 grown kids from a previous marrage of 15 yrs.  (He was a "Saint" compared to this husband!) He knows that I am all alone, here.  My kids won't come around because they hate him.  My Parents are not well OR rich!  The other night, he slapped me, and twisted my arm.  (I had to get X-Rays for my arm.)  The judge gave me a restaining order but he has closed all Bank Accounts, stopped my Med. Ins., etc.  (He is hiding somewhere)  He is on dis-ability for "Diabetes" and "CLAIMS" he has Dementia!  (His latest MD said it is more like "Bi-Polar".  Which his Father had when he passed.  The Physical abuse has gone on for about 4 yrs-off and on.  Mental-almost the whole time.  He makes me stay in a bedsroom, lets 8 pets freely roam the house.  Has TOTALLY ISOLATED ME and has refused to let me have ANYTHING in MY NAME or even JOINTLY.  He recently got a family trust fund of quite a bit of money.  That is when I found that he had been going behind my back and telling his Attorney that I "was crazy".  My BIGGEST PROBLEM out here is that NO-ONE will HELP me -even LEGALLY!  They are not even "deferring the $300 fees now, to file for a Divorce"!  Can ANYONE HELP??  I am at my wits end and hopeless.

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Hi WynterRoses01, i have to say, and please don't take offence, but i laughed when i read you're blog.OMG the way you described the 'control freak'! however i DO UNDERSTAND, have a husband that is out of the same mould! we go down the aisle confident and ome back down with a monster! have been married 4 19 years to my control freak, who has to know everything about what i'm doing, seeing going etc. i feel like i've got property of **** stampped on my rear! hope you're in a better place now and gained confidence you deserve !

There are battered women shelters and there are legal aid orginasations which can help. find them and get to them. they can help you.

Damn it I feel bad for you, if I lived closer you would sure as hell have a place to stay, there must be a shelter for battered women in your area, and some way to get an attorney to help you with the finances...<br />
GOOD sounds like you could use some