DIY? Is This You? It's Me!

I have my TiVo set to record most of the DIY shows on cable. Watching these shows inspires me to do two things: to start or continue a DIY (do-it-yourself) project or  to continue writing my fiction book.

Are you a DIY-er? When I was a single mom, I became a DIY quite by accident. One Friday night, alone with my 2-year-old daughter, I decided I hated my bathroom. HATED it! So, I went to the neares Home Depot, bought a sledgehammer, and you know the rest. Or, you can guess the rest. I hurt my neck pretty bad, but wow, did I accomplish a lot by tearing down the bathroom wall. I was up all night pounding away at the wall and had the job cleaned up and ready for green board and tile in about a week. This inspired me to become a true DIY-er. I'll admit it, I enjoy the demo more than I enjoy anything else! I love doing my own tilework, choosing the tile is only half the fun. I love grouting tile. I love setting tile. I can even say that I have completed at least one job alone. These days, doing a DIY involves my husband. It's a little more complicated now because he puts the brakes on some of my creativity. He says he gets stuck with the real work. But, we're always happy to complete a job in our house. We just finished the kids' bathroom and it looks fantastic. I really want to start on the Master bathroom, and then, the kitchen. Tell me about your DIY days!!
lovesfluffs lovesfluffs
36-40, F
May 6, 2007