Is Their Anyone Else God Chose

does anybody out there have any of the following symptoms Sudden mood changes, CONSTANT RINGING OF THE EARS, Anxiety, not wanting to be in crowded areas, depression, feeling of complete lonelyness even when people aroung around you and or social withdraw. IS ANYONE OUT THERE? For as long as i can remember ive been going through this and just recently i have been researching thing that would have never peaked my interest but now i feel almost obsessed with knowing Astrology, DNA activation, Ancient aliens and prophecys, self awareness, The Lunar Eclispe and 2012. not knowing how and why i fell drawn to these and wanting to know the stories of others out there who might be going through this changes. i was on youtube watching a movie one thing lead to another and i somehow found my self clicking on Dna Activation symptoms relating to many of the descriptions by NYC812 the thing that she said that stuck with me most is frequency, and that i am not alone that their others out there going through the same thing and that they cant relate to friends and family for obvious reasons. I just need to know im not alone
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1 Response May 14, 2012

yeah very similar i guess, im having a hard time fully exspelling my anger, ill be very sad one minute very happy they other. i think the anger comes from not being able to totally control my energy, but im not going to give up, much love to all and ill see you on the other side, bye.