Product Of Native American Witches That Has Already Activated My Dna

In every Native American culture there are witches (we all have a name for them). Not your mainstream witches with candles and waiting for the right time to cast spells. NO. I'm typing about an ACTUAL shape changing, shadows that are "darker-than-dark-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-with-no-moon" dark, feeling something bad is near kind of witches (contact your local Native American about their own witches or me about them if you don't know any). Besides that, did you know that there is a study on how the decisions we make in life actually gets imprinted onto our DNA and is passed onto our kid's (I think that is how evolution happens, well part of it)? Well, because of the decisions my lineage has made and the decision they made some of that power that they had have passed down to me through DNA. Even before I knew anything about what my past was, in the back of my mind I felt like I can do more than what the Laws of Physics say we can do within the realms of our mind. I knew that even before I knew about DNA activation. I got this realization one summer afternoon, when I was 14 years old, in the middle of nowhere on my reservation. I remember the wind was blowing hard that day. As the wind was kicking up sand and smashing in my face, I really wanted it to stop as I was outside looking for sheep that had roamed off. Suddenly, when my eyes were closed, the sand blasting had stopped. As I opened my eyes to see what direction the wind was blowing, I saw an invisible wall blocking the wind and around me. The air was still, even the sand I stood on and the bushes around me were still. I turned my attention to the sheep I was trying to find and got a sandblast on my skin. Again, as I focus my attention to the wind, it stopped. About three more times, back and forth, I got the same results. I never paid attention on which way to walk, just that I didn't like being sandblasted. I don't know if it was a survival thing or something I really wanted, but since that day, I found myself able to move the wind at will. Weird, but after that day, that ability was not as intense. After those three times, I learned how and what to feel that made the wind stop, but I can't explain how. The best I can do is that on that day I felt every part of my body wanting the same thing. Like a tingle or a buzz/vibration in my brain and body, almost like every cell wanted it. Since that day I have tried to recreate that feeling but can't. At that time, I was going through a very rough time in my life. All I had was myself to rely on. My family only cared if I died. Other than that, they just didn't care if I ate or was injured (that's another story). Something awoke in me that day, something changed in me. Through the years, I have been able to move air at my will, make wind when there was none. Off and on through the years, I'd practice moving wind thinking that that's all I could do. Not until 2006. I had a dream. One of those dreams that feels so real that you think and feel that it's actually happening and that you're awake (you know what I mean). My dream happen in a sequence. First, I saw clouds moving by at a high speed and I lifted my hand and wanted them to slow down and stop and it did. As the clouds slowed down, my hand became invisible with an outline of my hand, like my hand was glass and behind it I could see the light and the clouds bending around it, and I could feel the clouds at the same time. In the back of my mind, I could hear a voice telling me to not be afraid and let it happen. Then I moved my hand down and I saw two people standing in front of me. My hand, still glass as it passed in front of me and again there image bent around the line in my hand. At the same time for some reason or I knew that I could control them to my will, like I could tell them what I wanted them to do and they did it. Over and over, the same sequence happened, but faster and faster. That same voice changed telling me that I could do these things. I think about trying to remember that dream and I never needed my hand in the first place. Everytime, the dream laps my hand disappeared like it didn't need to be there as if in some way I could do it just by a thought. Since that dream happen, I found myself able to influence people to do what I want them to do. The ability to move air is still with me. Now-a-days, I can stop rain from falling and able to move the clouds. One time, I tried an experiment to see how strong I am. I wanted to see if I can pull the northern jet stream toward me and a few days I was watching the news and I saw with my own eyes a spike in the jet stream a sharp spike. To clarify, the jet stream was running west to east above the border line of the US, and Canada and it spiked to where I was, in Las Vegas, NV (Hell yeah!). I've never really practiced my ability to influence people because I out of everything to believe in in this dimension that karma does exist. As far as that goes, I just tell people to buy more stuff when they shop at my store I work at because it helps my bonus or I try to get people not to be racist when I know they are. Another way I use it is I envision that I use other drivers on the road to make all the lights I come up on green. To clarify, I try to use everybody's thoughts as one with my own to make the lights turn green because it's what they want too. So, that is my story and why I think that part of me is already activated. I do want to say that marijuana does help because it helps you mind block and accept different energies and help focus your mind more one one thing.
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Jan 13, 2013