A Self Examining Mind.

A mind such as mine is an annoyance at times. It's all I know and the one thing I cannot tell is how one mind varies from another mind. Some people say they don't like thinking. I love to think. it's annoying yes because I never shut down. Do I have a good sound credit to show my mind is on the people I need to pay back, people that loaned me money..do I think upon these things that I can reflect on and see for myself I have obviously allowed my heart to be generous to a fault , when I was unabe to write about my credit I it wasn't in line with who I think I am in DENIAL. This must change, so I go back to dreaming I'll win the Lottery and show all those nay sayers I am all that. Now mind oyu I have let you in to my thoughts and it's impotant that you know I am 66 years old now ( thought this past year was 67. My mind gets older but if you want to know what goes on in this 66 year old mind, I'm willing.... ..continued soon
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
May 5, 2012