A Self Examinated Mind (,new Word, No Better Way Of Saying It Briefly)

A mind such as mine is an annoyance at times. It's all I know and the one thing I cannot tell is how one mind varies from another mind. Some people say they don't like thinking. I love to think. it's annoying yes because I never shut down. Do I have a good sound credit to show my mind is on the people I need to pay back, people that loaned me money..do I think upon these things that I can reflect on and see for myself I have obviously allowed my heart to be generous to a fault , when I was unabe to write about my credit I it wasn't in line with who I think I am in DENIAL. This must change, so I go back to dreaming I'll win the Lottery and show all those nay sayers I am all that. Now mind oyu I have let you in to my thoughts and it's impotant that you know I am 66 years old now ( thought this past year was 67. My mind gets older but if you want to know what goes on in this 66 year old mind, I'm willing....
MsOracle MsOracle
70+, F
May 5, 2012