Old Boxer

I am an old dude who enjoys strapping on the gloves and swapping punches.  I started boxing 4 years ago as a way to maintain my weight and stay in shape, I participate in tough man competitions and have fought in over a dozen of them.  Being 185lbs and 56 I always end up boxing dudes half my age, the reason is that there are never any guys my age in my weight range [a bit light for my 6' frame].
BoxerguyMiWI BoxerguyMiWI
51-55, M
4 Responses Apr 3, 2011

54 182 and love the boxing as well wish we could get the gloves on together

I am determined to beat the cancer, I am and have always been a fighter and have never given up on a battle.

I hope your doctor can cure you with our new techniques. There is always hope for a cure and I hope you stay positive to have it come about. Good Luck Pal !

Not doing any boxing at the moment, would love to box but have to sit back and watch because of my brain cancer diagnosis.