While I'm not exactly proud of it, my Ambien experiences do make for interesting stories.

When my boyfriend discovered the crazy effects Ambien can have on people, we experimented with it a couple times.  One time, we each took about 20 mg and purposefully stayed awake.  As soon as it started working, we decided we wanted to go outside, where we noticed the house next door was having an open house.  After walking in and wandering about for a bit, I vaguely remember having a conversation with the realtor about how I was painting the walls in my room red before we went back to my boyfriend's house.  There, we found some pink umbrellas left over from his sister's wedding, and we then proceeded to walk all the way to Well's Fargo (I have no idea why this was a goal for us) holding the pink umbrellas like parasols and waving at people driving past us.  I have no recollection of what we did at Well's Fargo, but we thankfully did not go inside!  On the way back, we found a strange framed poster of a comic-style drawing of an airplane being hit by a missile in mid air, and decided to carry that between the two of us like a parade banner as we walked back home (still with the pink umbrellas).  I have no recollection of the events after that until I was sober again.

More recently, I took Ambien for its actual purpose on an airplane from Amsterdam to San Francisco.  I somehow ended up staying awake, and I tried to watch the movie Superbad, but I do not remember any of it.  I also remember getting up to go to the bathroom, coming back, and while trying to climb into my seat (which was in the center of three) ramming my head directly into the wall next to the window.  The guy next to the window looked really annoyed, but his hair smelled bad so I guess we're equal.

I guess the moral of this story is that Ambien makes you insane.
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I have had insomnia for years and tried about every medication out there. The first time I took ambien I thought a little 20 mg pill wasn't going to work so I took a double dose. I decided I would take them before I got ready for bed. Well that is the last thing I remember. the next morning I woke up naked and felt like I had run a marathon. I could barely walk and was tender everywhere. I asked my boyfriend what happened and he said he got home from work and I was laying half on the bed half off the bed. When he tried to get me into bed my speech was so slurred he couldn't understand me and I just kept laughing. The next thing he new I was on my knees blowing him. He said I was doing things that I normally wouldn't do like anal and talking really nasty. He told me I was only allowed to take my meds when he was home didn't want me to hurt myself.

He went away on business and well I found myself needing my ambien in the middle of the day to fall asleep. Even though he told me not to and I thought about the wild time we had. I was kind of freaked out by this but at the same time excited so I got his go-cam out and turned on the security cameras before I took my meds. Well when I finally woke up I found myself completely in a state of daze. Well I reviewed the cameras and found myself stubbing around worse than any drunk I have seen. I was going through the fridge eating and spilling stuff all over. But the worse was yet to come. I opened the door and completely naked and watched myself blowing the FedEx man. It appeared I didn't mind to much and he was well off in the meat department. He left and I passed out on the living room floor completely naked and dripping. To this day my boyfriend has no clue.

I have found myself doing wild and crazy stuff on ambien but at the same time I love having ambien sex.

Wow seems I hv alot to learn and now know why no memory of sex lastnite, seeing Amish people in my potpie working as its ther field whooooo.....question does this show in a urine test???

Im glad Im not alone. At first I thought my boyfriend was crazy and messin with my head. He told me I would look at his face all weird and asked him why his face was melting? Normally Im pretty reserved in bed, but not this night. Apparently the freaks come out at night! It was funny all the next day until....I took my Ambien again thinking maybe it was a fluke. Woke up on the other side of the bed with no panties on and didnt remember anything from that night, but felt like something bad had happened. Inspite of my boyfriends initial excitement the night before he was a little more worried when the freak came back to bed with a big bowl of fruit and attacked him. So he flushed the rest of the bottle. Atleast I got a good workout considering I got no sleep....ZZZZZZZ

Well this is weird this is my first time taking ambien I took it about 4 hours ago no sleepy feeling I just feel strung out a bit idk

I had ambien sex too. I was having trouble sleeping and the doctor gave me two refills. I woke up one day and was sore and I didn't know why. Well it seems that when I took it the night before I just about attacked my husband. He said I was wild. I was talking dirty, and all kinds of crazy stuff. I was really embarrassed though. He told me not to refill my presc<x>ription.

this is true, I have had the same experiences with Ambien...there's a time my husband swears we had sex but I absolutely do not remember, and it did not feel the next day like we had had sex...weird

ambien sex is still new to me. idk how i feel about it considering i dont remember but very tiny instances of it. i kind of felt dirty this morning . yes i know its my husband but still... just a great feeling of not remember it

I did stuff with my husband that I normally wouldn't do while on Ambien. I guess you can call it "Ambien Sex". To say the least, he wants me to go back on it again. lol

yeah, she thinks shes gonna be trippin, but she goes out, and you do her. trippy like.

Yes, I have heard similar stories.<br />
There is even something called "Ambien Sex " ...... hmmmmm.......<br />
I am sure the courts will be listening to this excuse pretty soon, in divorce cases , LOL :-D

While taking Ambien and being unable to sleep anyway (sign I shouldn't take it any more) I read, and am unable to remember what I read. I also think of all the witty things I'm going to say to people tomorrow!<br />
<br />
Not as extreme as you, you nut!