Things Ambien Walrus Has Made Me Do....

I've been taking ambien for several years since I have major sleep issues. I take 20 mg nightly. Just a quick list of some things I've done while on ambien.

-Put lipstick on my dog
-Made myself a banana split
-Ordered 3 pairs of saddle shoes from eBay
-Dumped my helmer container full of makeup onto the bathroom floor
-Sexted my best male friend who is married. I have a BF as well
-Ordered $35.00 stylus off of amazon, I must have thought it said $3.00 or something
-Played draw something w/my friend and drew penises and rainbows for every word
-Tried to legally change my name on the computer
-Baked brownies

The other night Ambien Walrus tried to get me to order 20 bars of African Black Soap but I resisted.
AmazingAmanda AmazingAmanda
36-40, F
1 Response Sep 7, 2012

Did you have any memory of these things?