3-piece Suit And A ********

While on a business trip from NYC to St. Louis, I enjoyed a quiet dinner with my boss before retiring to my room. I had a difficult day and was irritated with myself so decided since I could not do anything productive, I took an Ambien and went to sleep...or so I thought.
Apparently, I received a phone call from the production company who put on the event I attended. I got dressed in a three piece suit and a crazy night began. I went to three bars and spent over $800. I took off my jacket, vest, and shirt and was photographed dancing half naked with everyone. There are photos of me taking Jell-O shots off of a strippers body. Kissing guys and girls alike. I had another dinner. I hired a car to drive a group of us around until 5am.
In my mind, I went to sleep and needed to catch a 10am flight the following day. My next memory is my cell ringing in the distance followed by a call to the room. As I awoke, I was alarmed to find my room in utter disarray which was odd as I had packed the night before. I thought my room had been broken into. I answered the room phone to hear my bosses voice asking where I was. He notified me that the driver and he were waiting in the car downstairs.
I quickly threw everything into my bag and put on some clothes, a hat, and sunglasses. I rushed to the elevator and while on the way down, I discovered photos in my phone which were clearly me and the production team. I got downstairs and into the car when my boss asked how I slept. I told him well.
We get to the airport and are sitting at the gate when I spot the production team all dressed similar to me and severely hung-over though full of laughs and pats on the back saying what an amazingly wild time they had with me the prior evening. Horrified, I looked to my boss who was inquisitively glaring at me. The crew filled me in on the happenings of the night with corresponding photos, texts, and...hickies. I have never been so embarrassed, confused, disbelieving, or completely shocked in my life.
Oh Ambien! You bad bad...BAD boy!
I have since taken less and less Ambien after SO many crazy things happened while on Ambien. Coincidentally, as I have slacked off, I’ve quit smoking.

Other things I have done:
Online shopping, and boy do I love underwear!
Withdrawing all of my money from the bank
Refolding my entire closet
Shining crystal and silver
Making international calls to friends
Mixing all the pills in my medicine cabinet
Opening my window and smoking cigarettes (as many as I have) while sitting on the ledge...I live on the 28th floor.
Sewing buttons which had fallen off my pants
Locking myself in the stairwell
Riding the elevator up and down while asleep on the seat inside
Photoshoots with myself
MattJC MattJC
22-25, M
Dec 4, 2012