I can honestly say I am addicted to ambien . I started taking it around last year , when my mom offered me only a half of one so I could go to sleep . Well this is when I realized how messed up it makes me.. Merely half of a 20mg ambien had my mind erased and knocked me out . I don't remember anything from that night . But the next day I looked on my phone and there was a video of my mom and I talking, in my room . We had ran out of herbit crab food and were discussing what we should feed it and my mother gave me two options of what to feed my crab . " cat food, or nachos" funniest thing of my life . But now I clean when I'm on ambien, I don't sleep . I take bubble baths to relax on the ambien , I shop online for things I don't even need , I even bought a journal for me to write in and I don't remember most of my entries in it . Oh one time when I was still in high school, me and my best friend ( well call him Duke ) well he had never taken ambien before and I just thought it was the greatest thing ever so I asked if he wanted one , and he said yes . Needless to say , I started with 30 ambien that day and ended up with 22 left . I remember some of that day . We got lost at our own high school . We drove down to this statue museum , and I climbed one of the statues and got stuck and told Duke to call the fire department lol . I can't tell you how many times ambien has made me text an old boyfriend.. And ambien makes me extremely emotional . But none the less , i love it .
Kblakeee Kblakeee
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013